Outlook 2003 display name issue for contact with multiple emails

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Example of issue Created a contact with: Full Name:  John & Sally Doe File As: Doe, John & Sally E-mail: johndoe@anything.com Display as: Doe, John E-mail 2: sallydoe@anything.com Display as: Doe, Sally When I create a new e-mail and click on the address book icon, the list of names in the Names selection window is the list of File As names. So in the example above, Doe, John & Sally is listed twice. If I click on the first Doe, John & Sally and move it TO-> the Message Recipients wiindow, Doe, John shows up. Likewise, if I click on the second Doe, John & Sally and move it TO -> the Message Recipients window, Doe, Sally shows up. Is there any way to get Doe, John and Doe, Sally listed in the Names selection window instead of getting Doe, John and Sally listed twice and having to remember/guess which one is John and which one is Sally before moving it TO-> the Message Recipients window????? Thanks for all help.

Software/Hardware used:
Outlook 2003 on Windows XP

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A simple solution would be to create a separate email address for both of them.

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  • Denny Cherry
    Each person should have their own contact entry instead of trying to share one entry for both people.
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  • JHite
    The same issue occurs if there is only one person, but 2 e-mail addresses. I might have Doe, John in with file as: Doe, John with: e-mail: johndoe@anywhere.com display as Doe, John (Home) e-mail2: john.doe@companyxyz.com display as: Doe, John (Work) In the name window it is still going to list Doe, John twice and I have to remember/guess which one is the home e-mail and which is the work e-mail. I guess my basic question is why the e-mail display as: Doe, John (Home) and the e-mail2 display as: Doe, John (Work) don't show in the Name window instead of showing Doe, John (the file as name) twice. I think the answer is that there's no way to make this happen. So I guess the question becomes: If Microsoft wanted us to have a one-to-one relationship between a single contact and a single e-mail address, why did they provide the capability to give a single contact 3 distinct e-mail addresses each with a separate display as name?????
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  • carlosdl
    I don't remember if there is a way to do this on the 2003 version, but with Oulook 2007 a column for the "Display as" name is included in that window, so you don't have to remember/guess.
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  • JHite
    Carlosdl is right!! There is a way to see the display name. You have to scroll outside the window to see it, but it's there. Issue resolved. Thanks!!! Consider this thread closed.
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