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Hi, I use spambayes and want to output just the inbox email to my blackberry. I don't want to use IMAP or EXCHANGE SERVER, and want the mail to come from my de-spammed (by spambayes) inbox. Is there a way to do this, on the client side? I'm on Windows XP. Thank you.

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the only method to get your e-mail onto your Blackberry is using the Blackberry Desktop Redirector program. If
there is an admin assistant in your company who does not use MS Outlook to manage their own e-mail, then it would be possible run MS Outlook and Blackberry Redirector on that admin’s PC (on a permanent,
always-on basis) in order to push the e-mail to your Blackberry; however, this also means that the admin (or anyone with access to their PC) would have access to your e-mail as well.

If all of the admin assistants are already using MS Outlook to manage their own e-mail (or even to manage their boss’ e-mail… and you are not their boss…), then the limitations of MS Outlook and the Redirector will prevent you from implementing this option. MS Outlook only allows one user profile to be active at a time on a given PC. As well, Redirector can only be installed for a single user/Blackberry.

One other approach that would work is to set up a dedicated PC (with Outlook and Redirector installed) and to leave it on permanently to push your e-mail to you. As long as you configure Outlook on this PC to leave all of your mail on the server, you can continue to use Outlook on your laptop even with this other PC on constantly.

Ultimately, the best ‘solution’ is to have the Enterprise Server implemented; knowing all too well how long some IT groups can take to test out and validate new technology, the most practical approach right now would be to find an under-utilized PC in the company, set up Outlook and Redirector on it, and run it constantly.

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  • Wilg
    Hello, Thank you for your response. There's no Enterprise or Exchange Server. I'm using my PC at home using Outlook 2003 with POP to get emails. My PC is dedicated and yes, I have always left it on continuously, for years. Sprint offered a connection software to redicrect email to their phones, including non-blackberry's (I have a Treo). It let me send emails on my Treo and the sent email would also automatically go in my Outlook 2003's Sent Items folder. It synced my calendar automatically. Again, it was entirely wireless, on the client side of Outlook 2003. Plus it was free since I am a little bit cost sensitive. Unfortunately, starting last month, Sprint stopped support and pulled the plug on their "Personal Business Connection" software so I have look for another option. I haven't found many options. I'm unfamiliar with Blackberry and the Redirector but I want to be sure that it's able to put sent emails from the Blackberry directly into Outlook's Sent Items folder wirelessly. Can it do that? Does it cost a lot to use the Blackberry Redirector on a home PC? By the way, I'm not wedded to getting a Blackberry and I'm certainly open to non-Sprint solutions now that they no longer support "Personal Business Connection". I was actually planning to jump ship and go with ATT and get their iPhone since with their MobileMe I figured it would sync a user's desktop to their iPhone. When I told the ATT salesperson that I wanted to get email from my client PC, she immediatley suggested that if email was something I wanted, I should consider the Blackberry over the iPhone. I am totally unfamiliar with the Blackberry but since she suggested it, I decided to post my question here. Do you think the Blackberry is the best solution for me? Cost is a consideration and of course, I would like to get calendar and Sent Items as well as my Inbox sync'd up wireless between my cellphone and my PC running XP using Outlook (and yes, without Exchange). Also I am used to keeping my PC at home on, all the time, for this. Thanks again. :)
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