Outgoing Router LOG lists Internal IP of an OUTSIDE private network

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When Hosting Falcon4 Allied Force Game Server, my brother's laptop (900 miles away), could not establish connection to my PC hosting the Game Server. Yet, I was hosting TeamSpeak server which his laptop was able to connect with. While troubleshooting, I noticed his laptop (as his External IP) on my incomming router LOG as accessing the correct port 2934 for the game server. Then I noticed my outgoing router LOG as returning packet for the correct port 2935 for an INTERNAL IP address ( We confirmed that this internal IP address was infact the IP address assigned to his laptop (totally outside my network, he lives 900 miles away). How is this possible?? I use a LInksys BEFSR41 highest level router and a wireless router which uses a fixed static IP of the BEFSR41. All routers and computers and access points use Static IPs with DHCP disabled. All intra and inter net connectivity seems to work. My brother has two routers, however, I believe he uses DHCP. I'm not sure if he has more than one DHCP server running or not, didn't think to ask. I'm trying to figure out how my game server becomes aware of my brother's laptop internal IP while trying to send game packets back to his laptop. Does this imply a virus, incorrect router settings of my network, incorrect router settings of my brother's network, or his client game is corrupted or is his router and my router conspiring to cause this problem??

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This is simply NAT (Network Address Translation)
NAT is a network capability that enables a houseful of computers to dynamically share a single incoming IP address from a dial-up, cable or DSL connection. NAT takes the single incoming IP address and creates a new IP address for each client computer on the network. http://www.intel.com/products/glossary/body.htm

I’m not familiar with this application but there is the likelihood that this application uses some type of encapsulation where the source information is maintained in the data packet and that is what you are seeing in your log.

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