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we have lotus domino server and lotus notes.i want to setup out of office msg for one of my lotus notes user.i enable the out of office setting in notes tools n out of office seettings.but it seems to be not functioning.where will be the problem.where else i have to do settings?pls advice. any help will be highly appreciated. thnks Pradip

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Hi Pradip,

It has been my experience in Notes 6.x and beyond that only the mail file owner can enable the Out of Office agent (see Lotus TechNotes 1089912 and 1106949).

What version of Domino and Notes Client are you using?

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  • Kobeisbest
    http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/library/ooo-pt1/index.html http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/library/ooo-pt2/index.html These two article will help you.
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  • Jlnewmark
    If you can see it, you should be able to set it. I assume that, since ONLY the user can see the agent in Notes 6.x, you are doing one of three things: going in as the user, trying to enable through Designer, or using a version of Notes older that 6. However, there are still caveats. First, for Notes 6: You must enable the agent on the same server that the user's mailfile is on. If you are on Server A and they are on Server B, your location document has to point to "B" or it will enable but not run. Also, the user must have the ability to run at least this agent on the server. If you are trying to enable it from Designer, remember that it may run in YOUR name rather than the users. This is why I find it a lot easier to set up a rudimentary location document for the correct server and switch to the user's ID rather than try to fight with "Run as" and all that. If you are using a version of Notes prior to 6, be aware that the default server is "local." This does *not* mean the server the user's mailfile is on, it means the local machine the *client* is on. You have to choose the correct server, and you only get one shot at it. If the agent looks correct but isn't running, go into Designer and check where it's set to run. If it's "local," then you have to reset the agent to choose a server on first use, and then go back into the agent and turn it on again and choose the correct server. Also, in these earlier versions, although you can see the agent without being under the user's ID, if you enable it as yourself rather than the user, the Out of Office replies again will come from you rather than the user. I hope this helps. If I was too simplistic, I apologise.
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  • Mavis
    I've had a couple things happen that you might want to check: 1 - Make sure the user has the ability to "Create Lotus Script Agents". Check the ACL on the mailbox. It may not be the default, even if the person has designer level access. Without this ability, the out of office agents won't run when set by the user. 2 - One time all my out-of-office agents quit working, and also other scheduled agents. I discovered it was because my mail server "forgot its name", which was an obscure thing I hadn't heard of before. It seems that happens if a Domino server hasn't been rebooted in 90 days. Rebooting the mail server made them all start working again for me.
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