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My Domino NaB is extremely cluttered besides my users all of the resources from the resource database are listed. That makes the list twice as long as it needs to be. Is there away to clean up the book, to place resource items in a folder, or at least to sort so that names come users come first anything to have it look better and easier to find people when scrolling.

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You can certainly create another view in your address book and then alter the sort or exclude resources altogether. I would advise against altering any of the existing views (especially the hidden ones) as it risks breaking major functionality. If the goal is that the address dialogs don’t show the resources, your choices however are pretty limited, as the are usually built on those hidden views. At that point you could go down the path of altering the mail template to use your new view, but that does set you up for continual maintenance with each upgrade.

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  • Maggs
    We decided to create a new DB, we called LookUp, to handle this issue for our applications. It is populated programmatically on a schedule, nightly in our case. The NAB template is used, so nothing existing breaks, but it offers developers a place to be more creative, and or restrictive, since it is the only place we will let them request a new view. It leaves the NAB and the Mail file alone.
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  • Wilbudl
    Are you saying that your resources show up in the "People" view? DW
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  • Dolson
    There is also something called directory assistance. Where you can extend your Domino Directory (NAB) by adding another Address book which would become a secondary addressbook. In this regard, you could effectivly move your unwanted groups and documents to the secondary database which would eliminate them from being viewed all the time. This is a new addition to Domino 6 I believe and can be setup through the domino server configuration document. You can find more information on "Directory Assistance" by searching for it in Domino Administrator Help.
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  • MatNewman
    Be VERY careful modifying the default views in the Domino Directory. You can break mail routing very easily since the lookup views used by users are the same views used by the Router server task to determine delivery. You could use DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE (which by the way, has been around since Notes 4). This feature could be used to separate your unwanted documents into a secondary directory, but any administration requests running within your domain may have issues with moved documents that are not in your primary Domino Directory. So I would steer clear of this option as well. You could also use a DIRECTORY CATALOG, but this wouldn't necessarily achieve your objective. If your primary objective is to "clean up" what the users see when they browse addresses you might try the following (I am assuming you are on ND6.0+): 1. Edit your existing groups and add "Local Mail" (or something meaningful to you) in the group documents you want your users to be able to "see" when browsing address'. 2. Create a new database as a replica of the domino directory on the users workstation, choose more options, and under the "Space Savers" tab choose "Minimal Address Book" from the "Include" field. This will specify which documents replicate via a formula.. By default, if you choose "Minimal Address Book", Resources and Rooms are not included, you could also limit which groups replicate to those you specified in step one by changing: ((Type="Group")&(@IsUnavailable(GroupType)|(GroupType="0":"1"))) To ((Type="Group")&(@IsUnavailable(GroupType)|(GroupType="0":"1")) & (ListCategory="Local Mail")) Where "Local Mail" is the category you inserted into the group document at point 1. ALSO, make sure the filename is namesmin.nsf , or something similar, to differentiate it from the Local Directory. 3. Edit your user preferences and under the "Mail" tab in the "Local Address Books" field, include the new replica's filename. This will give users a local replica of the Domino Directory - which has been "cleaned" - that the users can browse normally, without "seeing" the groups, rooms, resources and mail-in databases that you want to "hide". Regards, Mat
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