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I have a database that was created by a person who is no longer with the company. They changed the sys and system passwords but told no one. Is there a way to change (find) the sys and system passwords.

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In general, there’s no way to find out a user’s password; all you can do is change it.
Any user with the ALTER USER system privilege can change another user’s password, like this:

ALTER USER system IDENTIFIED BY new_password;

To find out which users and roles have the ALTER USER privilege:

SELECT grantee FROM dba_sus_privs WHERE privilege = ‘ALTER USER’;

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may be able to connect, without a password, as SYS (also called INTERNAL on some versions) directly on the database server. You may have to be logged in to the server as the administrator, or using the OS account that installed Oracle. If it asks for a password, just press <ENTER>. The details are version- and OS-dependent.
Oracle support can give you a much better answer.

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  • Hilldee
    The view identified in the article should be.. SELECT grantee FROM dba_SYS_privs WHERE privilege = 'ALTER USER';
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  • Eldon
    And what's more, here's an example of the command lines you'd use on Linux (and probably any Unix), while logged in as the user who installed the database (usually oracle):
    $ . oraenv    # You will be asked to supply a value for ORACLE_SID - see /etc/oratab
    $ sqlplus / as sysdba
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  • Graham R
    The way I always took over an Oracle database, on Windows at least, was 1) whilst logged on to the database server itself, stop the Oracle service to free the lock on the password file. 2) create a new password file with the password you want to use as sys e.g. orapwd FILE=PWD.ora PASSWORD= ENTRIES = 3) Now start everything back up and you can log on as sys with your the new sys password specified There are consequences of this of course, as you have just basically wiped the password file clean and will need to regrant any other users that have sysdba and sysoper privileges ... so I would recommend you find out who they are before hand by running select * from v$pwfile_users; Once logged on as sys you can reset the system password
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  • Graham R
    The text editor stripped out my diamond brackets last time, the example should have said e.g. orapwd FILE=PWD>>.ora PASSWORD=>> ENTRIES = >>
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  • Graham R
    e.g. orapwd FILE=PWDsid.ora PASSWORD=new password ENTRIES = max_users
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