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I've been tasked to develop in Forms 6i and let the forms be available in a web browser. I have Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 in a Linux Box running Windows 2003. Is there a document to help me (step by step)?

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Forms 6i and Oracle Applciation Server 10g Release 3

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I am assuming that, u have already installed Forms and Web server (preferably, Oracle Application Web Server) and try out the following….
1. Login system thru an administrator
2. On desktop, right click on Network Neighbourhood > Property
3. It shows all services that already have…. re-check for Peer web server in this window, (if not) press ADD > select Peer web server service and install it
4. After installing restart it by personal login
Now access Web server by navigating to the appropriate URL (http://<hostname>:<port number of Web Server> (remember, u may use ip addr also instead hostname and default port no is 80)

4. Now create specific directory like (assuming E:\ is another drive) u may change according to drive
Now this point is crucial….
5. It is necessary to create a virtual directory like Start > Program > MicroSoft > Peer Web Server > ism > ir and create following virtual directory there like C:\ORANT\FORMS60\JAVA\ while virtual directory is /FORM60CODE/ (assuming C;\ is ur default drive)
E:\WEB\WEBHTML\ while virtual directory is /WEBHTML/
E:\WEB\WEBTEMP\ while virtual directory is /WEBTEMP/
C:\ORANT\FORMS60\JAVA\ while virtual directory is /WEBJARS/
E:\WEB\WEBCACHE\ while virtual directory is /WEBCACHE/

6.Now create a base HTML file which contains certain parameter which is used to deploy application on the web. Remember, please change data base user and password name accordingly
8. Now create NT service and run the command prompt
Ifsrv60 -install forms.server60, it starts forms server service
Move to Control Panel > Services > FORMS60.SERVER, check it Startup by clicking Properties & make it automatic
9. Create form server some environment variable
Run regedt32 in command prompt
Create following path in Oracle
FORMS60_MAPPING http://<hostname>/webtemp
Now deploy ur applications on Web server and make sure
Just make attach the file called abcd.fmx in E:\web\forms60 area, attach abcd..html file in E:\web\webhtml area and all the icons,gif images which is being used in application should be in D:\web\webhtml area

Now type ur application URLs like that http://<hostname>/webhtml/abcd.htm
After a short while it downloads specified file form server
I am redirecting you a link, though it is based on Oracle Forms 6i and Oracle8i, but hope it helps you and clear your concept.

NOTES: Be aware of syntax and other mistakes. though it is a long writings.

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  • carlosdl
    I know Forms 6i very well, but I wasn't able to follow that guide. Thank God I'm not the question asker :-) ---------------------- Going10g, things will probably get more complicated because you would usually run 6i forms on the web using a forms 6i server, and would run 10g forms using the 10g application server. Please let us know how it goes.
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