Oracle and the DBMS_LDAP package

Hello. I am using one Oracle 9i database on a Windows 2000 server and another 9i database on an HP9000 running HP-UX. Also, I am using the DBMS_LDAP package to connect to Active Directory via SSL. Here is my code: function F_INIT_LDAP_SESSION return dbms_ldap.session is ldap_retval PLS_INTEGER := -1; ldap_user VARCHAR2(55) := <ldap_user>; ldap_pwd VARCHAR2(20) := <user_pwd>; ldap_session DBMS_LDAP.session; ldap_host VARCHAR2(15) := <ip_address>; ldap_port VARCHAR2(5) := DBMS_LDAP.SSL_PORT; wallet_location VARCHAR2 (50) := 'file:/etc/ORACLE/WALLETS/oracle'; wallet_pwd VARCHAR2(10) := <walletpwd>; BEGIN -- Choosing exceptions to be raised by DBMS_LDAP library. DBMS_LDAP.USE_EXCEPTION := TRUE; -- Initialize ldap library and get session handle. ldap_session := DBMS_LDAP.init(ldap_host,ldap_port); -- Make all sessions SSL ldap_retval := DBMS_LDAP.open_ssl(ldap_session, wallet_location, wallet_pwd, 2); -- Complex bind to server ldap_retval := DBMS_LDAP.bind_s(ldap_session, ldap_user, ldap_pwd, DBMS_LDAP.AUTH_SIMPLE); return ldap_session; -- Handle Exceptions EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN -- Unbind from ldap directory ldap_retval := DBMS_LDAP.unbind_s(ldap_session); DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(' Error code : ' || TO_CHAR(SQLCODE)); DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(' Error Message : ' || SQLERRM); DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(' Exception encountered .. exiting'); return null; END; The problem I am having is when I execute this code on the Windows 2000 database, it runs very quickly (less than 1 second); however, on the HP-UX machine, it can take anywhere from 38 seconds to 3 minutes. When I step through the function using TOAD debugger, it's the dbms_ldap.open_ssl command that takes a long time to execute. I don't know why this is. If anyone has any suggestions or answers, they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tony

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It may have to do with the SSL connection being built or it may be an issue with a slow ISO stack.

Anyway, since this question is almost eight years old, can we close it?

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