Operating system replacement for Windows 95/98

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Operating systems
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What desktop operating systems might be used to replace Windows 95 and 98 computers?

Software/Hardware used:
coputer desktop

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I think Ubuntu or Xubuntu, last one recommended for old computers due it uses XFCE window manager.

Download a LiveCD and try it on any computer without modify your current windows installation. Just insert the CD on the cdrom (or USB flash memory) and boot from it. If this run well, then you can decide to install it.


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  • Gabe9527
    Does it have to be Windows Based?
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  • Rakei
    HI.. just for suggestion.. or you could try windows xp if you can get a copy... my experience with upgrading from Windows 98/95 to xp is: 1- the drivers are usually smaller to download from internet compare to those of windows vista/7...(not sure about other O.S. 2- you may have to search for less drivers... 3- may not require RAM upgrade...256 or 512MB will do the job.. 4- Windows xp may have no huge difference from windows 98/95 compared to Windows Vista/7 and other O.S..
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  • jinteik
    I think for the next upgrade will be XP. But the question for you is what type of hardware are you using? that includes CPU, Ram and etc. because if your pc is lets say 350mhz and with 256mb of ram, you will have trouble running XP.. so with more information it will be great to let us know what you are having now.
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  • Stevesz
    You leave a lot unsaid in your question. I would suggest that you replace the machines with new ones (probably at 25% of the cost of the old ones when they were new.The current machines are probably over 10 years old now, and I can imagine that it will be difficult to put in enough memory to run even XP decently, never mind something like Windows 7. All the components are old, and the mechanical components are probably coming to their end of life, if they have not already been replaced. Parts for a machine that old are hard to come by now, and will mainly be of the used variety, whether they are rebuilt or not. If you have an absolute need to run Windows, go with Windows 7 Professional if you are likely to be joining a domain, or Home Premium if you are not joining a domain. If Windows is not a primary need, take some time to shop around looking at the various Linux OS's now available, and Macs as well.
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  • Featured Member: Mariodlg - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] Operating system replacement for Windows 95/98 [...]
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