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Hi, I left a job a while ago where we used Lotus Notes. I took copies of my NSF files, (current mail file and archive files for each year), and am now trying to get into them to dig up some old emails. I also took a copy of most of the IBM/Lotus/Notes/Data directory, including my ID file. I don't use Lotus Notes at home or in the new job. So I managed to download a version of Lotus Notes 8.5 and linked it to my ID file and can seem to open the most current mail file without too much problems. But I can't open any of the archive files properly, every time I try I get the error message - Illegal circular Use: DocExpProcessing - several times and when it opens it doesn't have any of the folders on the left hand side so I can't access any mail. I've tried to create a new replica of each archive file so as to decrypt it, but then I get the error message - Access to data denied. I've read that it might have something to do with the design, so I've tried to Replace Design but then I get the error message - Cannot write or create file (file or disk is read-only). I know my password for the ID file. All the archives where created while I used the same ID file. I have administrator rights on my home laptop. And all the files I'm trying to open are on my local C drive. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to open up these archives so I can access my old emails?? I understand some of the basics with IT, but it's not the field I work in, so I appreciate anything you have to offer :-)

Software/Hardware used:
Lotus Notes 8.5

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  • Gabe9527
    OK first RIGHT click on the DB's and check the windows file does not say READ ONLY.... If this is read only the Notes client cant write the view indexes into the DB to allow for views to be created.How did you get the copies? OS copy? for server?Notes Copy from Server with full permissions?I take it the ID used is the one from you old work?
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  • TomLiotta
    That's a pretty risky business taking e-mail files when you leave employment. They don't belong to you. It's also tricky helping you to access them when we don't (and can't) know anything about the circumstances.  There are major potential legal issues. -- Tom
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  • Gabe9527
    Legalities aside -BeeBall is responsible for this. But Tom is right if you are worried that you may be breaking some rules and could break contractural restrictions seek advise.If you are legally allowed to access this data because that is for you to judge, there are some things we can help you with.
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  • BeeBall
    Gabe, I checked the files in windows and they are not read-only. In reference to how I got the copies, we always had our archive files on our local drives (laptop), so once I had used Notes to delete everything but the mail I wanted, I just copied the NSF file from the laptop to a usb stick. And yes the ID used is the one from my old work.Tom, I can appreciate your concerns, however the mail files I have relate to my personal emails and not work related trade secrets or IP. But as you say, you can't know anything about the circumstances, so I understand if you don't think it appropriate to help.
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  • Gabe9527
    When you OPEN all documents are the emails there?Can you see the ACL of the database? Are you specifically mentioned? or part of a group?The in Advance is enforce consistant ACL ticked?
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