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Is it possible to open a document (i.e. .PDF)stored on a web server from the AS/400 ?

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What are you wanting to do with the file?

You could store a .PDF document in the IFS or as a binary large object in a data file, but it seems to me that because a .PDF is an image file, a character based emulator wouldn’t be able to interpret it. But you can open other file types, such as a .TXT or .CSV, from the i, in many different ways.

Otherwise, you’d need an application capable of reading and displaying a .PDF, and I don’t know whether there is such software available for IBM i (fomerly OS/400). Otherwise, you’d have to create something, which is no small undertaking. And since Adobe already exists and is widely available, why would you need to?

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  • mcl
    Yes, it is possible - but you won't be opening it on the AS/400 per se. You have to using iSeries Access for Windows. It still has some left over commands from the PC Support days.. Your program - running on the AS/400 and called by your interactive 5250 workstation session - will need to make two calls - to STRPCO and STRPCCCMD. Lots of references on the web to these, but basically, the STRPCO is Start PC Organizer (which you have to call first) - and the STRPCCMD allows you to run a command on your PC. The command would be whatever you need to do to open the PDF in question. One caveat - I don't think the STRPCCMD command supports long file names. Regards Mike
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  • Ibsluis
    Thanks for the responses. The files (PDF) will be stored on a web server. I have tried the command openning a file on my local C drive and it works, But will it work getting the file from a remote server? The users accessing the file may not have client access installed. Most of our users access the system through a GUI via a web browser. Would the command still work in this case?
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  • Chance
    Just read an article that may be helpful-- Calling a PC Application from RPG, Part II Written by Thomas Snyder
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  • mcl
    The STRPCCMD command only works if you have IBM Client Access installed on the client. As far as your PDF's if they are stored on a web server and you can access them via a web browser - then you should be able open them with STRPCCMD. Well, that's the theory... The MCPRESS article that Chance referenced is good. You should read it if you have not already. Regards Mike
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