Open IT Forum: What’s your greatest IT fear?

Happy Halloween! The Data Center Apparatus blog has been scaring visitors with chilling data center stories the past two days so we wanted to find out: What's your greatest IT fear?

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Having a boss that has either read a book, seen a movie, knows
absolutely NOTHING about servers and wants you to implement something
totally out in left field and have it done by COB.  I once had a CO who
wanted me to re-write Lotus Notes to his specifications, and when I told
him that a) I did not have the knowledge nor training for that, b) it
was a copy right program, and c) it was against the law, he looked at me
and said that I was incompetent and brought up charges on me.  I let
him and it almost went to a court-martial until he was relieved of
duty.  Gee, I wonder why????

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  • Ben Rubenstein
    Wow, doubt anyone can top that story -- it's not every day your boss threatens to put you in jail, and has the power to actually do it. 
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  • TomLiotta
    I think I could give a couple stories that are scarier, but I don't feel comfortable discussing either one because of major embarrassment to involved parties. But I can sympathize with trouble with bosses.   A less scary story was brought about by a Deputy Commissioner of a state Department of Education. He was brought in to take control of the IT office that was previously under Administrative Services. The story given to us was that he was very "competent".   One weekend he decided he should apply a set of updates to the Department's Windows servers. The updates applied okay, but Monday morning no one in all of the Department could print anything. He'd neglected to read enough to know that updates needed to be applied to the client workstations first for at least one of the patches done to the servers.   All of IT spent a pretty messy day cleaning up PC by PC in whatever priority order the various bosses could work out.   That one doesn't come up to the scary level of a court-martial. Still, "competent" bosses can often be scary even in regular office environments.   Tom
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  • Harisheldon
    I agree, a "competent" boss can be very scary, especially when they are a genius in their own mind.
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