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We're a good month and a half into the year, and we wanted to know what's at the top of your priority list. Does your company want to deploy at least one new application to the cloud or improve holes in your cloud security? Are you learning a new development language to keep up with the evolving industry? Whether it's a personal or company IT goal, we want to hear it! IT Knowledge Exchange is here to help, and to start we'll give you 100 knowledge points just for sharing!

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Our software was developed over the last 15 years. Durring that time there has been a constant turnover in staff and seldom was there anyone with much prior experience.
As a result, we have a lot of spaghetti code and it is overflowing with hard coding.
Our goal this year is to rewrite our main application.
While doing so we have already purchased some packages so we will have some consistenancy and reliablility in what we promote to production.
Currently it is not unusally for a developer to spend 1/2 of their time with their fireman’s hat on putting out fires becasue of broke or untest code.

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  • Sixball
    We're adding in over 50miles of new Fiber to our region, which will allow more remote users access to the public Internet. We are currently building the first leg of our fiber link, and, based on time-tables, have most of the fiber completed within the next 12-14 months...
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  • Mariodlg
    Well, in the company I work for there is a plan to consolidate our customized versions of the main server application building it with more efficient techniques to do the same actually. No additional features will be added, changes are only needed to boost its performance. All development is in java. Most major changes are: New technique to parse xml data. New pool connection manager. Threads sincronization improvements. Search for memory leaks in some client installations. End date of this task is estimated on Jun 2012, its a lot of work!
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  • KFaganJr
    We'll be deploying mobile devices for therapists to track time, have patient information readily available as well as update that information in real time. Migrating several applications to "The Cloud", on both public and private infrastructures. Automation and notification of events will be a large focus as well with many more users to support it's critical to know about issues before they show their face. For my extracurricular Web Development my number one priority will be getting page visits per visitor up with links to relative content on all pages. Being a more involved member of the online IT community follows closely since I've learned some of the benefits it has to offer.
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  • Ingram87
    I'm trying to learn IPv6
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  • Spadasoe
    March 1 installing new Netapp FAS204/DS4243 SAN, 1 for main site and 1 for DR. We are currently on EMC Clarion. This will take apporximately 6 months before we go live as we will also be upgrading SQL to 2008 from 2000. I already have a development cluster in place for testing the SQL cutover so it is mostly learing toe UI and processes.
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  • Spadasoe
    After tne NetApp, installing new server room UPS
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    Trying to get my company on Mimix HA . We need a better solution then sending types off site.
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  • wpoulin
    Just finished Upgrading to V6R1, migrating to an IBM Power 6 server, and installing Information Builders WebFOCUS product. Working on replacing Query/400 reports with WebFOCUS using their Report Painter product. New generator and server room UPS on the way. Investigating Disaster Recovery solutions. Plate is Full, Bill Poulin
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    [...] everyone for participating in our iPad contest! We’ve seen some great questions, answers, and discussions in the past month thanks to all of you. From your Security Worst-Cases to your must-read tech [...]
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  • jinteik
    i want to improve far head in IT Security by learning new stuff this year
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  • gfprogrammer
    Our software was developed 30 to 40 years ago and is still RPGII and a lot of hardcoding running S36 emulation. We have just purchased a software package to get the company into the current century.
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  • Kaisersosa
    Our CIO / IT Dept has made a concious decision that our direction in the future will be visual studio (c#/vb) and stored procs/web services delivering the data/business logic from the IBM i (using RPG and SQL). I personally want to learn more html, javascript, css. John B.
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  • IceCubbe
    Looking to replace our HP EVA SAN environment replacing it with Either 3Par, or Dell XIV and consolidating our 3 EVA`s into 1 solution!
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  • YuVa47
    In my recent job is a legacy software hap-lap solution which was build in the last 30 years and went through several upgrades from (S/34 - S/38 - AS/400) and we are looking for a real ERP package replacement. Right now we are in the RFP phase and hopefully we'll choose and start the implementation in the 3rd Q in this year. So this is very exacting time for us all in the IT department and looking forward to learn new stuff.
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  • pdraebel
    We are currently getting our i V5R4m0 ready for V6 or later with plans for new i systems with Externalised storage.
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