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Not many enterprises are going full force into Windows 7. Does your company utilize a mixture of various operating systems? How does this affect adoption of new developments such as Internet Explorer 9? Share with us what your set up looks like along with the hassles or benefits, and we'll share 50 knowledge points!

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We currently have all our machines still on Windows XP and have only just upgraded some with Office 2007.

Budget dollars just have been too cost prohibitive to upgrade all 1,000 of our workstations. At some point due to licensing and availability we will be forced to upgrade.

The one thing I’ve noticed difficulty with right off the bat has been the ability to connect via RDP to a Windows Server 2008 box. Without some registry hacks/mods in XP this can be problematic if the server is set to the newest (and more secure) RDP protocol. Windows 7 doesn’t have this issue.

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  • Sixball
    We have just migrated most of our users to Win 7 pro x64 - Love the OS, applications run great and no issues as of yet. We also have users who run Ubuntu (SysAdmin) and a few of us that run Apple Macbooks ans iPad/iPad2's. We all use a variety of browsers, based soley on preference. Most Use IE8 - no interest in IE9 yet - while others swear by Firefox, Chrome and Opera...
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  • Jibin
    We have a vaiety of OS in our company. Mostly we use MAC/Ubuntu for development ; Windows 7 or xp for testers. Also Cent OS on some !! Regarding the IE 9 , we had installed it in win7 and we dont have much issue rather than that yahoo add on issue. mostly we use former IE`s and just now startin to migrate into the new one for some. Mainly using firefox and chrome on all , but i personally use Opera .. !!
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  • batye
    mix of old and new NT servers and Win 98 SE MS Servers and Win7/Vista IE4 to IE9, Netscape, Opera...
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    [...] 3. During Windows 7 month, we wanted to know what your operating system cocktail looked like. Anthem001, Sixball, Jibin, and Batye shared what their network setups look like. [...]
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  • Ranjeetkmr
    we have not a variety of OS in our company. We only use windows OSs. Mostly we use xp and windows 7, but there is a demand of user that they want to use windows 7 and MS office 2007 instead of old one. users face a lot of problem with office 2003 and old operating systems with its interface. in our company mostly we use IE9, and Chrome. but IE9 has a lot of problem, it always crashes. but i personally use firefox.....
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