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Yesterday, Microsoft launched its new web-based email service,, that includes a new interface. While over 1 million people signed up, some -- including our own blogger Matt Gervais remain hesitant. What do you think of the new Will it change how you access your email?

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I opened an account after reading this yesterday, curious myself about what I would think of it. I did find the process simple and smooth, and the UI pleasant on the eyes – which made me wonder why Matt Gervais would be hesitant. That inspired me to go read his comments, and when I saw that his Hotmail access had been converted to the new Outlook UI, I thought I would check on my own Hotmail account.

I discovered that I am now unable to log into Hotmail through the computer I signed up in Outlook with, although I still had access through a different machine. Not sure at this point if that will change, if it is a temporary glitch due to server issues which happened to occur in the same time frame. Interesting.

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  • BigKat
    the question I have is will I have to change my email address everywhere I have using the one that ends in right now?
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  • carlosdl
    @BigKat: Apparently you will continue to receive all of the e-mails sent to your "hotmail" address. ---------------I have used it for some minutes only, but I liked the UI, and it feels much faster.  I have not created my "outlook" address yet, though.    
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  • TomLiotta
    I have general agreement with Matt Gervais, though it won't affect me. I'm pretty sure I'll never create my own account. I actually dropped my account the day after MS acquired it. I've yet to see a single reason to think that wasn't the best action to take.   Now... (O-com)...   When I use OWA today, the difference in support for IE and for FF is obvious. I don't know how well O-com supports FF today. But I have no problem imagining future 'advanced' features that somehow work in IE and nowhere else. An OS and app vendor that moves into significant web presence seems to me to create an invitation to trouble.   Will O-com succeed or fail? I have no idea. Either way, I'm concerned that the result could bring interesting times. Success brings more chance for MS to create "standards". Failure brings... what?
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  • azurecrimsonrose
    My Hotmail account was recently upgraded to and while I think that Microsoft has done a good job with the appearance of the interface, it is still lacking some much-needed features such as the option to sign in or not sign in automatically when logging in to check email.  With the way the new interface is set up, Windows Live Messenger 2012 is required if you want to sign out of the web messenger.  The interface is not as user friendly as on Yahoo Mail and it would be nice if Microsoft added their own version of the instant messenger screen names section like what Yahoo Mail has.  With the upgrade to came a decrease in the file storage limit on SkyDrive.  For those that had 25 gigabytes of space, everything has been decreased to just seven gigabytes.  I think this user interface is less user friendly than before the upgrade.
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  • sheila72
    My hotmail has been changed to Outlook. When it was hotmail if I wanted to send a new email to someone in my contact list I  just typed the name in the box and it automatically came up with the email address. In Outlook, it just comes up with frequently used contacts so I have to go into the contacts list to find the email address.  This is a bit of a pain, unless I'm missing something? 
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