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There's always something new and improved, especially in something as complex as a data center. What are some recent technologies you've seen that strike you more as fads rather than essential additions to the data center? Share your opinion, and we'll share 75 Knowledge Points!

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The answer is in the question.

Avoid Fads. Full stop.

‘Data Centre’ = Computer Bureaux of the early 1970’s

‘Cloud Computing’ – see above.

‘Object oriented’ – refer to ‘subroutines’

‘Thin Client’ – oh, you mean a terminal….

One of the latest fads si to conduct surveys of course….


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  • Eric Hansen
    My biggest complaint as of late is the use of cloud computing. This isn't new technology, but the way its being used isn't new, either. Take for example Amazon. When their DC went down for EC2 and pretty much all of the east coast went poof on their servers, it wasn't even thought about. But what if that DC housed government documents and the like; would you care then? Or even more so, what if your medical records were on there, and the past 5 years got erased due to the situation, would you care? I really don't see cloud computing taking over a big part of the market. It already existed pre-term "cloud computing", and it's not going to change, either. However, the concept of "cloud" computing is. What needs to happen is people take better care of their systems and not rely on redundancy to fix their faults.
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  • Chippy088
    The biggest stumbling block of cloud computing is the non-technicals telling the technical guys it is the way to go without even understanding the logistics of the system. When it fails, and it must at some time due to the physical locations of the devices (SAN NAS etc), it is amazing the look on their faces when it does. The time to recover is not something they have factored in. Buzzwords - the downfall of all executive non-technicals.
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  • Eric Hansen
    @Chippy: I agree. As one of my professors even said, I.T. is meant to fail. If it wasn't, why is there an abundance of hard drives, RAM, video cards, etc... out there? A lot of people are marketing the cloud as something that is going to guarantee 100% uptime, which it won't. There will be failures, even if you have 100 DC's all over the world. @Melanie: Another fad that should be avoided is assumed-fail-safe backups. Systems that "alert" when you a backup is done or not is a proper way to manage the system and its services. Is it a nice feature? Yes. But backups should be checked an hour or so after they were scheduled, to see if they went through. Is it tedious? Definitely. But would you rather go through a tedious measure, or (almost) risk losing your job because you didn't check that a backup was properly done?
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  • Atd81
    These are all really interesting answers. Thanks for posting and helping out the newbies.
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  • Sixball
    iPads - More toys than Utility...
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  • coralbasie
    Big Data seems to be a huge fad right now.
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  • coralbasie
    Big data is a current fad. Not sure how real that is.
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  • coralbasie
    I've read a lot about hybrid cloud computing. That seems to be the most risky approach. I have lots of server capacity but I fear mixing n matching hosted apps for my data center and cloud apps for partners. Is there a way to balance failover?
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