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Have you always been curious with how things work behind the scenes, or did you realize later in your career that IT was where you belonged? We'd love to hear what inspired you to pursue whatever pocket of IT you're in. We'll give you 50 knowledge points just for sharing your story, which will be very helpful in the iPad contest that ends February 16th!

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I was working for a geophysical exploration company and moved through special projects into an R&D type role. I needed changes to to the software to enable my tests to run. Eventually the programmers got fed up with me asking for chnages so they they said “Do it yourself”. So I did and the rest is history

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  • Denny Cherry
    I actually posted my story a while back on my blog.
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  • MelanieYarbrough
    Great! Thanks, Mrdenny.
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  • Spadasoe
    I was the "IT guy" managing an Alpha and system36 for an auto dealership in the early 90s. I decided to make a career change and get out of the car business and went back to school to learn more about what it really takes to be a system administrator. Never looked back.
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  • saturno
    Well, for me I think it was on of my uncles. It was an Air force Aviator (now retired) and once, when I was about 10, I went to visit him and spend some days of vacation. He has just bought a Amstrad 8256 PCW with a CP/M Plus OS with a green phosphorous screen ;-) I saw him doing great things with that "thing". Some simple programing, text editing and playing. I became amazed with a "good looking" graphical chess game (that always won to us). Some time later, I played and did some code with Spectrum 48K and after with his Big Brother 128K *with embedded tape drive* !.... Looking behind, I feel a little nostalgic and I think: Wow! what an impressive evolution We made. Yeah, I think this brought me to IT ;-)
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    I use to be a chef, then someone drop grease on the floor one day. I came out of a walk-in carrying about 140lb beef roast. Needless to say, my left foot found the grease and the roast found my left knee, put my knee in three different places. I was off work for over two years, which gave a lot of time to think about what to do next. Went back to college to get my degree in MIS. My first job was working as third shift AS/400 operator and I have never look back at the PC world. Love my iSeries
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  • jinteik
    after i finish my high school, i was confused if i should head into computer engineering or electronic engineering as i really enjoyed to do both at that time. but in the end I decided to do IT and after finishing my tertiary studies I started to do IT security and I will never look back.
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  • KFaganJr
    The first time I was able to play with a computer beyond following an assignment at school was the tipping point of my love for IT. I always loved IT but never did well with all the the structure that was placed on computer classes. I needed to be given a required outcome that I could find a way to accomplish. When it was time to pick a major for college I was 'encouraged' to go into computer engineering, which actually pushed me away from the field. There didn't seem to be any fun, everything was so exact and the outcome wasn't held as high as following the 'proper' steps. I left the school and was working different jobs, always making money on the side with small computer jobs, ending up at a retail store selling business machines and going back to school for Graphic/Web Design. One day I was asked by a regular customer if I was interested in working for his IT consulting company when needed and I jumped at the opportunity which quickly became full time. I am probably the luckiest person alive being given the chance to work with equipment and technology most of my friends who graduated weren't even working with yet. Once I found out that IT wasn't an exact science with directions, that creativity and thinking outside the box was not the exception but necessary to be good at your job, I started taking IT classes again. The people who took me under their wing, whom I consider prodigies for the way the work and think, got the ball rolling for my career in IT. I don't know how much I deserved it or I was just really lucky, but it makes me want to do what I can for others who have the connection to IT but haven't found the path that fits them.
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  • Chippy088
    I first got into IT when I built a ZX80. It started of as an electronics project, but became a fun toy, when I tried programming in basic. That then, became my hobby, upgraded to a Commodore 64, wrote a stock inventory application in basic and assembler. Got hooked. Then came college etc. now I work for myself, supporting small businesses.
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  • Stevesz
    A friend of mine had one of those kit built Altair computers. I got one and built it. Then, the next project, a few years later, was to build a clone of the Apple II computer, which is when I really started learning about computers, and started to get serious about learning programming. The next machine was an outright purchase, and was my first IBM clone and a Windows machine, though I thought other graphical interfaces were better. It was eventually loaded with a copy of OS/2, which I kept through a few iterations through OS/2 Warp. In the meanwhile, I found there was a need for the things I knew and I hired myself out to do some programming and care and feeding of PCs. Eventaully I found my self as a tech Support person at a company with a proprietary database. This is where I learned abut networking and the Novell Netware servers.This led me at another part of the country, at a steep increase in pay, practicing the care and feeding of Novell servers and networks, along with the Windows PC's. I am now a partner in a firm doing networking, PC's printers, etc. we pretty much handle the whole gamut of work from cabling on up. We do contract some stuff out for our customers since everything is getting, and has gotten so specialized, it is hard for one person to keep up in one field, never mind several. Today, I build some PC's for myself and others, and buy ready made computers. It depends on how the numbers work out, and the amount of time I have available to do it. The one thing that is constant is the fact that you need to keep learning, and if you are not picking up several things a week, you will probably fall too far behind to get caught up again.
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  • Mariodlg
    While entering the highschool I followed my brother steps, because I was thrilled to see the world of computers while he was studying. When I started working at a local bank, my tasks were simply enter data every day. There was an opportunity to help programmers in small tasks, and dedicated myself to learning everything I could, after a year I found myself developing reporting programs, and then I was promoted to developer. Since then everything I do is to create lines of code in my work.
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  • batye
    I was working for CBC as security, after CBC security system upgrades, I realize my IT knowledge limited... I ended up at private IT school, just to get upgrade of my basic pc skills after the taste I went back to university to get my degree, never look back... every year I attend new training in IT - never get - time to relax but I love it...
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  • Fork92
    Completely by accident! In '93, I was finishing an MS in a Social Science discipline and was temping as a secretary in between semesters. The IT guy walked off the job and since folks knew computers were a "hobby" of mine asked me to sit in and see if I could ulpoad some data. I got the group back online and handled their backlog in around a week. I was offered his job at the end of the summer but, said I wanted to finish my degree since I had already invested 2 semesters and they waited 4 months for me.
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  • Meandyou
    It was obvious that the family business was not for me. But, I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up (other than fireman or cowboy). So after high school I attended the local junior college. I took one class of many different areas of study. I liked the 'Intro to DP' class. Second semester I took a programming class along with another group of classes from many different areas. And I got hooked. I liked the logic, the control, the 'create something from nothing' aspect. And I still do many years later.
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  • Shilpa Venkateshwaran
    here is my story
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  • Sixball
    Simple answer - Online Gaming. Wanted to know how to tweak my PC / Internet to maximize connections and reduce latency. Been in IT ever since...
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  • Featured Member: Fork92 - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] Open IT Forum: How did you get into IT? [...]
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  • Eric Hansen
    I've always just been interested in tinkering with various things (toys mostly that had electronics in them). In 5th grade my elementary school finally got these old Apple II computers that I just loved using. After I'd finish the work, and if it was before the class ended, I'd just browse through the files and stuff. Then in junior high we got Windows 98 machines, and I had Windows XP at my house by this time, so I did a lot of tinkering there too, including venturing into networking and such. Then it just went on from there to where I am now.
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  • CompleteITProfessional
    I was originally planning on becoming a lawyer, until year 9 (aged about 13) I got into computers during my high school computer class. I discovered I was pretty good at it, and enjoyed it, so took off from there!
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