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We're approaching the final quarter of 2011: What are some of your IT department's goals to finish out the year? What are some of the things you are implementing to position yourself for 2012? Whether it's updating your system documentation or updating your IT staff's certifications, we want to know how the rest of your year's looking. Share your thoughts and hopes for these last few months, and we'll send you 100 Knowledge Points!

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Open IT Forum: Goals to round out 2011 – The goals that have been set for our department to finish out this year (2011) and move into 2012 are simple; establish a base line of where we are currently with our software (back office) and begin the planning to fully implement the new back office software in 2012. This includes migrating data from legacy systems, over 30 years old, and modified packages to, hopefully, a vanilla OTS package, at least to start.

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  • CompEng
    I am not an IT individual but I am an engineer. I have taken it upon myself to seek out information which would lead to improving our department overall flow of documentation throughout the entire company. I need information on Control - software that is avalible that would allow a company to control and maintain engineering prints, procedures, and multiple other documents that need to track, updated, and email to various departments with revisions…and/or that would interact within the associated documents. I am realy only beginning this brainstorm and need some direction on which way to go? Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Sunsetrider
    I see 3 items that need to be answered. You should define your local work/data flow procedures, - you need to know what your pain points are. Once you know your issues, then you can start looking for a solution. Don't shoe-horn your environment into a system. Find a solution that fits the way you work. Computer systems should help people work, not force people to work in a way they are not familar with. My IT backgound is in application development. I have always used a 2 repository system, a 'production' and 'development' approach. The production repository contains all those items that have been approved, cannot be modified without authorization and are used daily as the 'truth'. Access to production information is controlled (security) and if changes are needed, a formal change process is used (generate a list of inventory of items to be changed, production items copied to development, updates/testing applied and when changes are approved, items 'promoted' to production again. In this manner, access control is provided, changes are authorized, changes are reviewed, approved and documents placed back into production. Audit trails can be generated, and if required, a full backout process can be developed.Perhaps a simple source code control system might suffice. A work flow process (this usually is more expensive and time consuming to install, especially for large company) is a good item to explore. A work process will define how data (documents) flow from work station to work station, how long it normally should take to complete a task, who is responsible for the task, who will approve a completed task, hi-lite slow/problem requests, etc. Nice features to look for in a work flow system are: - check the status of a work flow - who last completed it, where it currently is, etc. - define a backup for a primary worker (someone is away or sick, then the backup can work on the request, rather than it sitting at an empty desk) - generate statistical reports to help refine time constraints - identify bottlenecks and ensure they do not cause slippage - graphical interface - change a work flow process on the fly (temporarily or permanently) My 2 cents worth. Good Luck
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  • Technochic
    Our end of year goals involve fine tuning our monitoring for our servers to make sure we are catching everything that is important to prevent downtimes and finalizing our inventory/asset management. Once we have these two goals completed it is going to make things a lot easier to keep major occurences with downtimes from happening. This means a lot as I work for a hospital and we want to prevent problems that will affect patient care. Personally I am just working on getting some additional certifications and ITIL training.
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  • liz
    if i understand ur questn, these document you are talking about would be accessed by differnt person in diferent department, updates would be done on them and other would like to view the update too. the document should be in a central point i.e on a server system in a drive, those who are suppose to view or make changes or updates should be given access right to the document, form there they can edit or make changes then save it for others to see, but these document can be updated one at time inorder not to overright update that other had made.
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  • James Murray
    I'm focused on several areas. There has been an amazing amount of change in the infrastructure world. It’s exciting because the changes are almost historic. It’s almost like going from horses to automobiles. In this process we are Identifying and understanding these changes from a business context. My background is deep into on-premise network infrastructure. The real cutting edge changes seem to be moving away from on-premise to cloud based systems. My clients tend to be small and medium size businesses looking to grow their businesses quickly. The cloud seems to be a perfect opportunity if a small business wants to leap competitors and compete as a medium business. To do this we need to identify the huge opportunity in cloud technology. Market them in ways that make sense to the business owner. In the past upgrading the infrastructure meant increasing the quality and capacity of the server room(s) in each client site. This could require a 6 - 12 month project plan that included building test environments, practice and beta migrations and much more. With the cloud technologies we can implement systems in months or weeks when we remove the complexity of the on-premise servers, OS and Network requirements. This requires re-thinking project planning for our clients. It also means stepping away from the traditional offerings for our clients. Being an MCSE is great, but if the client is in the cloud, there’s no need to be an MCSE unless you work in the NOC. This means that we are looking at expanding our business productivity offerings. With a strong, robust SaaS or Cloud infrastructure CRM, ERP, Email and other systems are so much simpler from an infrastructure point of view. Usually by the time the infrastructure and applications were installed it had taken so long we were planning the upgrade to the same software packages. Now we have time to leverage much more of the applications we are loading. For example we have the opportunity to exploit workflows in CRM in ways we've never had time for. We are developing and documenting repeatable processes that will allow our clients to leverage the applications much more effectively. So this planning is running at a break neck speed. Finally we are creating the process documentation. Included in this is how to market, plan and implement business community and collaboration platforms. This includes customized and integrated business processes. The goal is to gather the business requirements of the client, then implement those requirements as quickly as possible.
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  • LinuxCiscoman
    As a member of a help desk environment that offers top tier support in regards to both information technology and automotive technology, there are a few goals that we would like to see come about. While certification is always a plus, hands on training is becoming much more important. We are looking to bring our staff blazing into 2012, fully prepared to supply top tier service to a top tier customer. Another goal is actually coming to pass now but will surely continue into the new year. My current crm database is on an antiquated 386 running inside of an even more antiquated version of UNIX. We are currently very close to virtualization and expansion. This has been years in the making due to the fact that the data is so sensitive, business needs are so high, and failure is not an option. With things like Windows 8 on the horizon, it is absolutely necessary to stay sharp and focused and continue to learn and grow. Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way that we do business. Tablets are still increasing in popularity and security is a bigger concern than ever. As a member of a large IT department, I can't wait to see what 2012 holds. See ya there!
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  • MelanieYarbrough
    I've added everyone's points so far, but keep the goals coming! Thanks, Melanie
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  • CharlieBrowne
    I would say our top 2 goals would be: 1. Creating work flow documentatrion and automating some processes. We are a small company that has had rapid growrth. It has been discovered there are many steps in our process that are done multiple times by different departments and should only be doen once or even not at all. There is way too much manually checking and it needs to be automated. This will increase accuracy and reduce workload. 2. We have aq 2nd AS400 that we want to use for DR and/or an FTP site.
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  • Yorkshireman
    1 - Drive down cost in the business from more effective use of IT. Be proactive about this 2 - Improve efficiency in all we(IT) do 3- Spend to save 4.- Be clear and communicative about our aims and the route we take
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