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Recently, the global human and resource firm Randstad Technologies published a survey about the IT worker’s confidence in the workplace and the economy.  According to the survey, 40% of IT professionals said their confidence in the economy has improved while 32% said they believe more IT jobs are now available. After looking at these numbers, we want to know if you’re confident about the IT job market as well. Do you feel better about the economy in general? Will more IT jobs open up? Are things really looking up for the IT industry? Share your thoughts and we’ll give out an extra 100 Knowledge Points for our favorite answer!

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I feel that the more experience folk are OK.
Newbies – not so sure

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  • CompleteITProfessional
    I think as long as you're good at your job, you should be OK. Graduate hiring and experienced staff hiring may not always match up, but generally I feel OK about the job market.
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  • Eastvantage
    I feel OK about the job market, and i hope it will get better as the years come. :)
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  • BridgetLelay
    I think that people in the IT world are feeling more secure than the average person. I would like to think that as a woman in the IT profession I am additionally secure, there has been so much great research not only about the importance of technology but about the role that women play in this industry. The news is out that the tech world is booming and isn't about to quit!
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  • James Murray
    I do believe the economy is getting better, but I'm not sure if that translates to more technical jobs.Think about your oldest server that needs replacing.  The accountanting department has budgeted the capital expense, but asks the question... If we put this server into the cloud, the cloud provider will provide the server and upgrades without a captital expense.  Why not put this old server into the cloud?As servers move into the cloud there will be less and less server and system adminstrator positions, because these systems will be managed by cloud providers.  It would be nice to think the cloud provider will be able to hire all the systems administrators, but they won't need to.Modern network architecture allows running far more servers with less technical experts.  I imagine that over the next accounting life cycle we will see 50% or more of the servers moving into the cloud.  with those servers will go the traditional IT positions.  I do think though that there will be work, but these new cloud experts will have to be more business savvy.  They will need to learn how SaaS and PaaS system can be integrated into the corporate network.  Network stability will become a given.  IT experts will need to learn how to manage the customization of those systems to match the business needs of scale, efficiency and innovation. 
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