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HP's decision to discontinue the TouchPad (and its subsequent steal of a price) has been all the buzz the past couple days. Did you bite at the alluring $99 price tag? Tell us what went into your decision, or if you couldn't care less about the TouchPad. Do you think hackers are about to have a field day creating their own devices with these cheap clean slates?

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Yep, sure did. Picked up one for me and one for the wife (got the bigger one for $150 each). Waiting for the hackers to get Android onto the devices which should just be a few more days.

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  • Rafo2001
    I could not find any! I was always fan of Palm since my Treo90, to 650 (passing through all the intermediates). With WebOS I wanted to see something of the past glory and was waiting for Christmas to give me a TouchPad. Unfortunately, on Monday, returning from a weekend unplugged, and when I came all the buzz of the matter it was too late. For 100 bucks! Of course that would have bought one.
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  • saturno
    Unfortunately NO! Couldn't find it anywhere in the world... But would love to buy one for that price. As Mrdenny said, it would be just a matter of few days to get it running Android. In fact,it seems that Qualcomm is also working on that ;-) -> Link.
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  • MelanieYarbrough
    Denny: I hope we get to see a review of the tablets on the blog? :) Saturno & Rafo2001: There was talk around the office that they're making another batch of TouchPads. Heard anything about this? Good luck!
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  • carlosdl
    As far as I know, it is true that they are making another batch of devices, but the price is not guaranteed (and most likely won't) to be the same.
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  • ErroneousGiant
    Nope, not interested in a product with such a short shelf life and one that support for will dry up quickly. Better putting the £100 towards something that will be around for a while.
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  • LinuxCiscoman
    I just ordered mine this morning! You can't beat a $99 dollar price tag. The reviews weren't as good as the Samsung Galaxy or the BB Playbook but for that price, I don't care if it runs on natural gas!
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  • Denny Cherry
    MelanieYarbro, When mine shows up (it's still like 3-4 weeks away) then yes I will. Denny
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  • GusHugershoff
    To me - the question is all about what you are going to use it for. Considering the majority of all computer users only surf the web, get E Mail, and view some photos - far too many people overpay for the latest and greatest system, when last year's technology at a much lower price will do them just fine (actually - three year old technology will probably work great for them).
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  • LinuxCiscoman
    Sure last years equipment is great but for me, I can store a lot of data and make it extremely portable. Granted, a tablet will never replace my ProBook but it will certainly be easier to carry around with me in the office
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