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We're running one domain on server 2003 with 2 IP Addres ranges through 2 network cards. When we search for a specific client computer from one of the clients, we only see one of the ranges. We can get to the clients by clientc$, and all clients can ping all other clients. What should we change to be able to see both ranges from all clients in Windows Explorer?

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2 NICs in 1 DC is not a supported configuration. If you want this, you’ll need to configure DNS and service records for “the other NIC” manually. There is a KB article describing this. ALternatively get rid of the second nic and setup proper routing from the second IP-range.

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  • Howard2nd
    A - Don't confuse AD (Active Directory) and DNS (Domain Name Service). A double-homed server (DC or not) is allowed BUT the setup requires manual intervention. B - Ordinarily you have a card with a public IP address (Internet accessible) and share that connection through the server to the other card which connects to the internal network. The Internal network can be one or two or a dozen IP ranges (address blocks) that is the function of DNS. C - your description was not clear but appears to state that one of the cards is (or such) and the other is on a different block (i.e. You can reach the various machines in either range by 'ping' or by ClientName - which says DNS is working (or maybe WINS since that was not mentioned. But when you try to search (Computer Browser) the local host ONLY sees machines in its own block. This is normal. You need to turn on 'Bridge' between the two cards and adjust subnet and scope appropriately. This difference between DNS which is IP based and Computer Browser Search for Computers ... which is NetBIOS can be confusing. Good Luck.
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  • SGBotsford
    I'm not an AD guy, or even a windows guy. My connection with this stuff is through Samba under unix. If you have two cards, do they correspond to different subnets? Is the machine with 2 cards acting as a router or as a bridge? If you run tcpdump on a machine attached by card 1 does it see broadcast activity from the machines attached to card 2? (Winsooze does a lot of broadcast traffic for the purposes of name discovery.) Can you tell the 2 card machine to be the sole WINS name server, collect the two lists together, and give it out anytime a machine needs a list of servers?
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