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Hello I am running a script that when searching for a property, it uses the onchange feature for three fields regarding the location of the property. for example: Country, State, City When you choose a country, you then choose a state(which correspons to the country) and then a city(that corresponds to the state) Thing is, I am only using one country and would like the script to automatically show/filter to that country rather than 'Any'. For example I would want the Country field to show United States as a default. Here is a link to a screenshot of how it looks: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=vncsw5&s=5 And here is the code from the php file that it uses to change the fields ------------------------ <?php echo $lang['WHERE']; ?>:</h2> <?php echo $lang['Location1'] ?> <br> <select name="location1" class="span3" onchange="update(this, locations);"> <option></option> <option></option> <option></option> </select> <br> <br> <?php echo $lang['Location2'] ?> <br> <select name="location2" class="span3" onChange="update(this, locations);"> <option></option> <option></option> <option></option> </select> <br> <br> <?php echo $lang['Location3'] ?> <br> <select name="location3" class="span3"> <option></option> <option></option> <option></option> </select> <input type="hidden" name="form" value="1"> <input type="hidden" name="loc" value=""> <br><br> ------------------------------ What i want is to filter with first value by default in the dropdown (location1) I checked on the net and it was suggested to have another javascript running after the listbox using selectedIndex=1 but I'm not sure how to implement it. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

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The reason there is an “Any” option in the first place is probably trigger the onchange event needed by the other dropdowns. What I would do is get rid of the “Any” option so that the select box has only a single option that is already selected to your country, and then move the onchange handler to an onload handler, e.g.

<select name=”location1″> <– since there is only one option you can get rid of the onload handler
<option>United State</option>

on the body tag add onload=”update(document.formXXX.location1, locations)”

If the option will always be the US, why even give the user the ability to select “Any” and undo the values of the other select boxes.

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