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Using the native SAVLIB command it is possible to omit a specific object. Is this possible in BRMS? The library in question is a user library and just one object gets locked during a swa backup we believe which is preventing an automatic job from running due to the object lock. The library is mirrored and backed up on a remote system so we want to stop the backup of the object in question on the primary machine.

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Yes it is possible, the SAVLIBBRM cmd just piggybacks off the SAVLIB cmd.
SAVLIBBRM, prompt F4, press F9 then scroll twice to see “Objects to omit”.
We use it sporadically to omit duplicate PFs created just for debugging when production errors occur.

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  • Pmaddox
    Thanks that's useful to know but we currently kick off the backup in 'wrkjobscde' by using the command 'STRBKUBRM CTLGRP(DAILY)' so we're using control groups to run backup lists and I couldn't find a way of omitting an object at this level.
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  • Lovemyi
    You can omit objects to back up by GO BRMS, Option 2 Backup, Option 1 Backup planning, Option 2. Work with backup control groups, then F24 for more options and F10=Work with items to omit from backup. Work with Items to Omit from Backup Type options, press Enter. 1=Add 4=Remove Opt Type Backup item *ALLUSR QGPL *ALLUSR QUSRSYS *ALLUSR SNAPSHOT Bottom F3=Exit F5=Refresh F12=Cancel In this case we omit from the *ALLUSR backup QGPL and QUSRSYS as these are backed up seperately from the *ALLUSR without Save While Active. This applies to all backups and not just one group (DAILY). We also omit a product library called SNAPSHOT as it is not critical and runs 24 x 7 to collect perfromance information. Hope this helps. Lovemyi
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  • Pmaddox
    Perhaps I was doing it wrong but my tests still didn't omit the single object I'm interested in from the backup of the library in question. However, I read somewhere else that this can be done via iSeries Navigator and this is true. Having checked BRMS and the file desription afterwards the object isn't now being backed up. Thanks all for your help
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  • IToperator
    thank you LOVEMYI
    This is an old post but still was very helpful. I knew I previously omitted libraries in the BRMS *ALLUSR and wanted to make a change but I just couldn't find where I did it. I was trying to go into the specific control group. But this showed me to use the F10 on the base screen and walla ...
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