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Hi, Do any one use OLE DB to connect to iSeries? Is OLE DB capable of using Library List provided by Job Description? Because when I used it, I have to specify the library name / schema and object name. Please advice... Thank you

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You should specify your goals and what kind of program you use (excel, Word, … access).

Have you tried to simply use Client Access ODBC connection ?

If you use tools like BIRT (eclipse), data are accessible through JDBC-ODBC.

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  • TG
    Hi TSCHMITZ, We are using SQL to access iSeries, to ganin access to the object we have to specify the lib and object name.... Can we do it without specifying libname, get it from libl?? Tq
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  • TomLiotta
    We are using SQL to access iSeries... We already knew that since you told us about using OLEDB, but what SQL? Is this your own programming? Or are you using someone else's program such as Word or Excel? A job description and library list are used by all jobs -- your problem is that you aren't setting them when your session starts so you're using the defaults from the server job. Depending on how you're invoking OLEDB, you can do it as part of the connection or you can do it through explicit programming. But you'll need to tell us how your programming works before we can suggest how it might be changed. Tom
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  • m4mu5qu3
    Hi all, I know this is a very old question, but we cannot find anything online and this seemed to be the closest question that fit our needs. We use VB.NET to access stored procedures on our IBMi, through IBMDA400 driver. There are no way to instruct our stored procedure to use a specified library list neighter in connection string, nor in a chglib inside stored procedure, nor in the job description, etc etc... any suggestion?
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  • ToddN2000
    @m4mu5qu3: Check the LIBL of the USRPRF used to establish the connection. IF you still have issues, post your connection string so we can better understand it.
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