Old system fails with no error or log.

I know we shouldn't be using this system any longer and I am converting and moving as much as I can to the our new i5 running a current OS 400 version. But there are some things that still run on this old 320 running V3R2, HFA is our major 3rd party package. Every few months the system just locks up. The attention light is always on so I can't tell if that is a change. The two activities lights are at max the little lcd panel will scroll but the value never changes. Holding the white button will not interrupt what ever is going on. After trying all the suggestions I finally have to shut off power to the system and wait for everything to spin down. I then power the system up and after about 45 minutes the systems starts, I kill QINTER and run EDTRBDAP this takes one or two hours. Once that is complete I look in the logs and messages and the only thing that is reported is the loss of power and all the stuff from coming back up after a failure. The things I have tried to reduce load on the system are moved the displays and printers to BOS controller (mostly so they can access the new machine too) and added 12M of RAM. We have a 3rd party hardware support but now software because our OS is too old. I don?t know how much longer we will need to be using this machine, until we get moved I would like to figure this out. If this problem isn?t related to the hardware/OS I really need to figure this out because this can?t be happing when we move after all the IBM sales people told us this would all go away when we use the new i5. I will be able to cut and past logs and screen shots in about and hour when the EDTRBDAP finishes. Thanks for any help you can offer, or suggestions you can make. Best regards, Rich Williams verl@insightbb.com

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I don’t know HFA, but sopme third-party packeges create work files in QTEMP and/or other libraries that are deleted at EOJ and/or when the user signs off. Also, some apps open a bunch of files at sign-on time. If you do a WRKSYSSTS and the DASD usage is high, this may be a problem. Also, take a look at the following: (1) large reports that are in OUTQs, (2) reduce the time that system logs are kept on the system, (3) permanently apply all PTFs, and (4) change system value QRCLSPLSTG to a value ‘1’. Also, if library QRPLOBJ has a lot of objects in it, you may want to clear it. This library is used to archive objects that get re-compiled; it is cleared automatically at IPL. GOOD LUCK!


Note that clearing QRPLOBJ <i>is not</i> good advice as a general statement. Deleting everything that you recognize out of QRPLOBJ is okay (as long as the objects are not in use), but the system itself may move objects to QRPLOBJ as part of its own processes. You almost certainly do not want to accidentally delete one of those objects.


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