OL 2007 / exchange accout error – corrupted calendar (ost) ~ please help!

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Hello to all: my first post here though I've trolled through before! Issue: I'm running Vista 64 with MS Office 07 (Outlook 07) with an exchange server. I've been having an issue for MONTHS now and no one seems to have any sort of reasonable answer on what to do! I 'primarily' use outlook on my laptop and webmail/server is a backup/default if not at my computer (rare). Note: my pst/ost are not over the 2 gig limit. they're not even 1 gig. Symptoms: - My OST is corrupted. not the pst. It has to be in the calendar somewhere. - If I try to access my calendar from outlook (on laptop), it freezes and shuts down the program. I no longer even have the icon available so I don't accidentally F it up. - Because of this, I cannot 'dismiss' any reminders (be it for email or dates in the calendar) unless they were created on the webmail and NOT on my PC (which is unusual as I only rarely use webmail version). the error I get states: 'Cannot turn off the reminder. You may be reminded again. Errors have been detected in the file C:usersxxxAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlookoutlook.ost. Quit Outlook and all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to diagnose and repair errors in the file. For more information about the Inbox erepair too, see Help" - I have to manually 'force' each inbox subfolder to sync with the exchange server (running in cache mode). If I don't click on the folder in outlook, the item will remain unmoved on the server/webmail (e.g. if I move an email to a subfolder on my laptop, when accessing webmail, it will remain in my inbox unless I clicked that subfolder in particular while still on my laptop ~ variably this will hold true for some deleted items as well, though not as often ~ reason unknown). - each time I start Outlook I get the warning: "Could not read the calendar. Outlook cannot open this item. The item may be damaged." - ScanPST aborts when reviewing the calendar with message: (see bottom of post). - when I try to go to the link, it defaults into Microsoft explanations about Outlook 2000 (which I'm not running and have never installed on this computer). - in my send/receive status box (which now runs constantly)I get an error message (! Task 'Microsoft Exchange' reported error (0x80040600); 'Unknown errror 0x80040600' - I have tried to reinstall Office ~ changed nothing! - Is it possible to create a new profile, and, when re-loading a saved pst/ost to NOT load the calendar? Seeing as this is where the error lies, I don't want to recreate the issue (and most if not all of reminders therein are backed up on the server as I dn't really make new ones given these issues)? I ask because there are MANY contacts that are 'new' on my laptop...but they're NOT backed up on the exchange account (the changes made) as it's not syncing properly due to this corruption error! aCK! Please help! I don't even know who my 'only hope' is at this point! ScanOST resultant Message: 15:11:57 Beginning offline folder file integrity check. 15:11:57 Performing initial synchronization. 15:11:57 Synchronizer Version 12.0.6509 15:11:57 Synchronizing Mailbox 'Needham, Lance L' 15:11:57 Synchronizing Hierarchy 15:11:58 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Calendar' 15:11:58 Downloading from server 'EXCHANGEVS1.uthsc.tennessee.edu' 15:11:59 Terminated in error 15:11:59 [80040600-501-80040600-560] 15:11:59 The client operation failed. 15:11:59 Microsoft Exchange Information Store 15:11:59 For more information on this failure, click the URL below: 15:11:59 http://www.microsoft.com/support/prodredirect/outlook2000_us .asp?err=80040600-501-80040600-560

Software/Hardware used:
Vista 64 HP; MS Office 07; Exchange Server 2003 SP2

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The .ost is only a copy of your exchange mailbox stored locally on your pc when you are running in cached mode. If it becomes corrupted you can safely delete the .ost file from your computer. Take your account off of cached mode, then close outlook. Delete the .ost file. Re-start Outlook and verify all is well. Then put Outlook back on cached mode if that is how you prefer to run Outlook. The .ost file will automatically be re-built anew. You do not HAVE to run in cached mode at all. I finally took my Outlook off of cached mode after the .ost got corrupted for the umpteenth time. Deleting your .ost does not affect your live account, again it is only a copy created for running in cached mode. Oh and by the way, there is no longer a 2 GB pst limit in Outlook 2007, that was changed in 2003 when the pst was changed to unicode format.

First of all make the Copy of OST file and then proceed to deletion, sometimes technology misbehaves and might lead to unwanted problems like inaccessibility of email backup file. You can try this program OST Recovery software it can recover all database of OST file, calendar, notes, contacts, attached files and customized folders.

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  • Weaseldom
    Technochic - greatly appreciate the advice. A few questions if you don't mind hte added bother - 1) what effects will deleting my .ost have? - reason: because of the sync issues, contacts on both my .ost (laptop) nor my phone (windows based smartphone) have synced correctly - any changes made in those two areas are NOT reflected on my OWA contacts profile. again, restating perhaps - I'm not worried about the calendar (as it's not syncing either) because I've pretty much had to stop using it due to the errors. any 'new' changes I've made to it have been made solely on webmail (thus I haven't used it much as I dno't like the interface!). 2) what effects have you seen in not running in cache mode? - reason: wouldn't this mean that I no longer have access to much information (see contact data etc. when I'm not connected/ offline). I'm mobile quite a bit, and tehre are times when I can't find a good / any access to the internet - are all of my folders then unaccessable? 3) I'm sure I have some more...but any basic understanding you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I certainly want to retain the contacts that I've made/ created/ updated on my laptop that aren't reflected in the current OWA profiles. Thank you again!
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  • Subhendu Sen

    Before buying a third party software, it is better to ask for a demo version, that can be helpful to identify if this tool will be satisfactory.

    Also first check with Microsoft's built-in tool scanpst.exe. This might be helpful.  

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