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Howdy all... I have a win2k3 member server with 2 onboard Intel PRO lan connections. One is 100mb the other 1000mb. On the 100mb connection, I can set either a DHCP or Static TCP address and it works fine. On the 1000mb connection, it works fine on DHCP, but absolutely refuses to connect with a static ip address. I have checked many times the correct settings for DNS, and gateway, subnet mask, etc. I flushed the DNS caches. I deleted the ARP entries. One error message I get in event viewer is: Event ID: 4321 Source: NetBT Message: The name "Server" could not be registered on the Interface with IP address The machine with the IP address did not allow the name to be claimed by this machine. For reference the is my PDC emulator. The other machine is a member server. any ideas?

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Check to make sure your switch is set to auto/auto for speed and duplex. I’ve seen a configuration work where the switch was configured at 1Gbps and the NIC at 100Mbps long enough to fool Windows into thinking it was working, but not long enough to get the IP. If you look at the switch, you’ll get a green light but it’ll go on and off constantly while you have “sync” between the two.


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  • Bigshybear
    This is from the Netbios layer of the network. Microsoft networking is this weird interplay of multiple generations of networking ideas so it gets confusing. The 4321 error message is telling us that the name of that computer is either already in the WINS database, or that the Netbios Master browser already has this name in its cache. (start looking at the NBTSTAT command.) Give us some more detail on how you are trying to connect the NICs, are you trying to connect both NICs into the same network segment? Look at the WINS database if you have it configured, then look at the DNS database, then look at purging the master browser.
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  • Celtic
    Hello, This problem may be caused by a NetBIOS name conflict between the member server and your PDC emulator. To resolve this problem, do one of the following: * Change the NetBIOS name of the member server. * Delete the conflicting NetBIOS name in Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS). Hope I helped...
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  • Astronomer
    This does look interesting. What exactly do you mean by "refuses to connect with static IP"? Can you ping the router? I am inclined to agree with the other responses to change the name but your comment about working with DHCP adds another twist. It may be your domain controller is registering the name and IP from DHCP then not letting go of this when you change to static. Does the slow connection see the same network as the fast interface? Is it disabled during your high speed experiments? Why do you need two interfaces? I'm inclined to change to a different static IP at the same time the name is changed. If all else failed, I would disjoin the domain, disable the interfaces, change the name, enable just the high speed interface, give it a new, static IP with a proper configuration for its subnet, and re-join the domain. In theory, if the problem isn't with the SID, this would bypass any leftover entries in active directory. rt
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  • LUKEK1
    Please post the output(s) of a "route print" command when the NIC is configured for DHCP AND statically. Thanks, Luke
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  • TheVyrys
    Thanks all... actually, my intention was only to change from the 100mb to the 1000mb NIC, for speed purposes....not multi home it at all. More info- I do not use WINS. My DHCP scope is through I keep the first 50 ip addresses out, (and the last 4) so I can static them for servers, printers, etc. My procedure was: 100mb NIC running static address changed it do DHCP, got a leased IP of Then disabled it. Next, I enabled the 1000mb NIC. Configured it with the address. That's when I got the errors. After getting the error, I flushed the DNS cache and deleted all ARP entries for the PDC emulator. No luck. Next, I tried setting the 1000mb NIC to which is an address that I have not used since I created this whole domain/network. It wouldn't work either. If I set the 1000mb NIC to DHCP and get a leased IP, it works fine.
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  • Astronomer
    Given the latest information, I would try one more thing. After you switch to static, in your DHCP server, revoke the lease to your member server. My guess is the name and IP have been registered by the DHCP server. If you pull it out here, hopefully the change will propagate throughout active directory. rt
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  • Risingstar
    Hi, Are your subnet masks in order? Do you have any switches involved? If you need only one NIC, I'd either disable or remove the 100MB one. I know this is obvious, but have you done a search on "Event ID: 4321" "Source: NetBT" (with quotes as shown)? You'll see that this problem has many causes and the many solutions people used. Good luck. Malcolm
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  • Sshhnina
    I believe the problem you are experiencing is caused by a Netbios name conflict. The 100mb card has registered the Netbios name.U therefore have a duplicate name. Since you only need to use the firster card, disable the unwanted card and try again.
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  • AdTechJO
    Dear All I propose that DHCP reservation is used whereby two scopes are defined if two subnets are required. USE and for the other reservation each with different name. By using the MAC you assure that DHCP will assign the proper static IP for each scope. If you use the same subnet for both cards "name Conflict" error will occur. Your user will use the Fast 1000MB card for access if you define and disable the second 100MB as a backup. If any case of failure of (1000MB)the DHCP will renew the user to switch to by using IPCONFIG /Release cmd then IPCONFIG /renew from command line. If you need to use both cards for Internet /Intranet connection, assign the 100 MB to be in the same subnet of your router; activate routing & remote access for NAT Amal Jeryes
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