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Please forgive me if i don't provide enough info here. I have 1 Exchange 2003 Server on a Win 2003 Ent box. Sharing the box is "IIS " hosting our Websites.

   We are able to send and recieve email 95% fine. But occationally one of our users will recieve an email, addressed to multiple reciepients, that someone didnt. The issue seems to be with our business services department. However they are on the same systems as everyone else. Same group policys ect. I believe the issue might be company wide but they are only ones complaining.

    Ive had 3 consultants look at the server and give it a clean bill of health. Reciently one of the consultants i work with extensively said he had a similar issue and he fixed it by uninstalling that version of Trend Micro Worry Free Business (On our PDC) and reinstalling it. We upgraded ourTrend. But same issue.

   I've also been told the issue might be our Cache getting over full so ive scheduled a defrag of both our public and private Exchange DBs. We are using XO Communications as our ISP but ive worked with them and that seems clean.

   Could you give me ideas on other places to look?

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Windows 2003 Server Ent Exchange 2003

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I tried to get logging to work but even though I was logged into the Domain administrator acount it would not let me. I tracked down where the share was and added Domain Administrator with read access. This still yeilded a error message about permissions when i tried to enable logging and would not allow me to enable logging.
This morning im having a vendor do a defrag on the exchange store as i was advised this could be the issue but the exchange store he said was only 5GB.


The message box about granting read access isn’t a problem. You will get that warning message when you turn message tracking on, so it should be enabled. Have you tested searching for any emails sent out after getting the warning message?

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  • mshen
    Just to be clear, you are having an issue where an email sent to multiple recipients is not recieved by all addressed recipients? I troubleshooting method is to use message tracking to see if there was a problem during delivery. If you don't have email tracking already enabled, here are the steps. 1. Open Exchange System Manager, go to the servers folder and right click on your server. 2. Click on properties. 3. Check Enable message tracking and subject logging. 4. Click OK. 5. Your server will only track new emails from this point, so wait until the next reported issue 6. In ESM, go to Tools -> Message Tracking Center 7. Search for the email by sender and see if there are any delivery problems. Message tracking is disabled by default because it takes more processing power on your server. It shouldn't affect performance, but it is something to be aware of if there are performance issues afterward.
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