Numeric To Decimal Using %replace possibly

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AS/400 commands
This should be an easy question. My brain is fried and can not figure this out. I'm close but I'm sure one of you has a good solution. Hours# is 5 position 2 decimal. Data coming in is 7 position numeric (NO decimal). The last 2 positions are the decimal positions. I need to get the data coming in to a numeric 2 decimal filed. Free format..only. I can do it in fixed with a move. I have been trying with a %replace but I think I'm limited b/c of the deciaml positions. DHours# S 5 2 Thanks

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Wouldn’t dividing by 100 give you the result you want?


Martin Gilbert.

Sorry — you’ve probably solved this 15 different ways
I’m just a couple of weeks late and I know you didn’t want to do math
But this equation will round the Input70 to a 5-2 rounded on the quarter hours

QuarterHrs52 = INT(((Input70 / 100) *4 )+ 0.5) / 4


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  • RonKoontz
    That will work and I'm doing that for now. But I wanted to use %replace just for fun. I do that
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  • DanTheDane
    In the 'old days' with RPGII is was recommended not to do a division in a case like this; - us multiply instead ... (reasons: less proces to do the task !!! and smaller objectcode !!! ). In todays freeform:
        result = indata * .01;
    result: 5.2 indata: 7.0
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  • RonKoontz
    I more want to basically replace the decimal position with something else. I have some logic that I will need to do this based on 1/4's. I can use %replace to a numeric or alpha field but I can not get it to work with a decimal field. Thats kind of what I wanted to do. I want to do it with one line of code instead of 2 or three. Thanks
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  • Yorkshireman
    Just so that I understand you want a line of code which will convert In=1234512 into New= 12345.12 and the line new = In * 0.01 is not adequate? But surely, anyone who subsequently has to read and maintain the code will instantly interpret the line and understand what's going on, whereas achieving the same answer via a circuitous and obscure line of code is sowing doubt and confusion for the future.. - We've all been there - "Look at this, what's it doing? - A reverse back integer logical OR with bitwise transgression - that must be there for a deep and meaningful purpose. . . clock ticks by .. . but all I can see it doing is multiply A * B " OTOH, I find this stuff fascinating, and if it's for your personal fund of adventures in code, more power to your pencil. Yorkshireman hoping you'll publish the final solution
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  • RonKoontz
    Yes that works... But.........Lets say I want to change the decimal position to .25 or .50 or .75 or .00. I could run this through a loop to add one or subtract the 2 and then add that amount to it. All I want to do is replace the decimal part of the number. Lots of it is for personal interest but other is to keep it simple and a one liner... This also may be usefull to someone else in th future. I like interesting code solutions and I will post it as soon as a find a good solution. Thanks
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  • BigKat
    This is a good place place for a ... service program. one-liner call in the program, but I doubt you will be able to do something so complex as rounding to the nearest 0.25 in one line, so tuck the code away in the service program
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