NSRP name resolve problem with IIOP

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Hi, I am using DIIOP to connect to a Domino server call it server A and then try to read a user's mailfile remotely from another server, server B. But the server I am connecting to does not seem to be able to resolve the name of server B always and sometimes it causes my application to throw an exception. This is the piece of code I use to open a user's mailbox: try { int tries = 0; db = session.getDatabase(mailHost, mailFile); while (!db.isOpen() && tries < 3){ try { logger.logit("number of tries:"+tries); tries++; Thread.sleep(1000); db.open(); } catch (Exception e) { logger.logit("Could not open: db:"+db); logger.logit(e.getMessage()); // TODO: handle exception } } view = db.getView("($Inbox)"); ... Right at the last line when I try to get the view it throws the following exception: NotesException: Database cotgrow/cablesedge!!MAILKKAT.nsf has not been opened yet at lotus.domino.NotesExceptionHelper.read(Unknown Source) at lotus.domino.NotesExceptionHolder._read(Unknown Source) at lotus.priv.CORBA.iiop.RepImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at lotus.priv.CORBA.portable.ObjectImpl._invoke(Unknown Source) at lotus.domino.corba._IDatabaseStub.getView(Unknown Source) at lotus.domino.cso.Database.getView(Unknown Source) at com.cablesedge.enterprise.exchange.ejb.ExchangeSessionBean.getMail(ExchangeSessionBean.java:505) at ExchangeSessionRemote_StatefulSessionBeanWrapper36.getMail(ExchangeSessionRemote_StatefulSessionBeanWrapper36.java:136) at com.cablesedge.enterprise.task.mail.sync.exchange.ExchangeMailSyncHandler.getMail(ExchangeMailSyncHandler.java:160) at com.cablesedge.enterprise.task.mail.sync.MailSyncHandlerManager.synchronize(MailSyncHandlerManager.java:95) at com.cablesedge.enterprise.task.mail.sync.exchange.ExchangeMailSyncHandler.synchronize(ExchangeMailSyncHandler.java:112) at com.cablesedge.enterprise.task.mail.sync.MailSyncHandler.synchronize(MailSyncHandler.java:28) at com.cablesedge.enterprise.task.mail.sync.ejb.MailSyncHandlerBean.process(MailSyncHandlerBean.java:25) at ProcessHandlerRemote_StatelessSessionBeanWrapper12.process(ProcessHandlerRemote_StatelessSessionBeanWrapper12.java:54) at com.cablesedge.enterprise.task.ejb.ServiceTaskMdb.process(ServiceTaskMdb.java:139) at com.cablesedge.enterprise.task.ejb.ServiceTaskMdb.onMessage(ServiceTaskMdb.java:97) at com.evermind._hu.run(Unknown Source) at com.evermind._bf.run(Unknown Source) Which means that I cannot open KKAT mail from the remote server. However, I have several other servers also in the system, say C and D and I don't have any problems reading mail files from them. But this is going to get worst because if I start my application tomorrow, the same thing may happen to server C and D too... So it seems that server A only sometimes cannot resolve the name of remote servers and sometimes can. Here's the troubleshooting I have done so far: I tried adding the name of the remote server in a connection document and also the "hosts" file of the windows on server A. Also all servers B, C and D trust server A. Server A is the first server I installed in my environment and all the other servers are additional. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Amirali

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update your host file both in Server A and Server B.

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