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We are a Domino/Notes shop running 6.5 with roughly 100 users in-house. We have one new employee who will be working from home (several states away) that needs to access his Notes mail via his personal Outlook Express. He's a hired gun and I have no leverage forcing him to use the Notes client or the web interface -- it has to be Outlook Express. He's running Windows XP. I've read about the utility you can download so Outlook can access Notes mail, but it sounds like Outlook Express (being IMAP) should be even eaiser. So far, though, we've had no luck. Can anyone offer some suggestions so this new employee can start accessing his Notes mail via his Outlook Express client?

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If the Domino server is running the IMAP task (or POP3), then the Outlook Express client can retrieve mail from the domino server. This is simple to setup if the user has access to the server but this may require a modification to your firewall specifically for that user if you don’t want to open up the port for everyone.

The password to enter into Outlook Express is the same as the browser password (i.e. the one stored in the address book).

The alternative of course would be just to add an agent to the mailbox to forward the mail to his private address.


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  • Newcombj
    Rob Willis is exactly right. You will want to (obviously but I didn't see where you mentioned it) want to make sure the POP ports are opened from the outside to the requisite mail server... either through VPN or through your firewall to a secured Domino server. Those ports are 143 for IMAP and 110 for POP. You will also likely want to open port 25 for SMTP (his sending mail) unless you are using a VPN for connection. By the way... those of us who predate the Domino/Exchange plugins might remember how to set up a client using MAPI through the operating system to access Notes. I strongly discourage this for someone who is outside of your corporate location, as the set up can be complex and at times difficult to support. I have a friend (sys admin at another company) who is using the Microsoft Lotus connector for Outlook as well by the way... his experience is that the connector is prone to generating support calls, so if you ever considered that... you might want to rethink it.
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  • mark051
    all of the responses are workable however i would really have the customer desist from forwarding his notes mail to another mail provider, this results in lots of bouncing mail messages if he/she tries to send mail to a "free" service and the mail file on the destination server is full (2mg for hotmail/yahoo, etc)
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