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Domino - 7.0.2 - FP3 Lotus Notes - 7.0.2 Our organizational archival policy is server based only. At the end of every month it archives previous 30days' mail, that means all the server copies are having only 30day's mail. In otherhand in local copies ther is no archival settings - means all the mails are always available from start date unless user him/herself delete any. We have our Cluster server located in the same Domino domain. Now the problem is - for some of the mail files suddenly all the old mails get replicated back from local copy to server copy again and increase the size of server copy - at the same time it also replicated to cluster (naturally) and increase the size in cluster also. I could not find the reason for it, please help if anybody have answers to it.

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What I may suggest in this case is to recheck this server bases Policy .Moreover, you can do something else and that is you can disable this policy , add a “quota” to all users , and instruct them to archive their emails locally .

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This is caused by the deletion stubs being removed from the database (normal domino process) and a replication is kicked off. As the deletion stubs are not there the Server classes these old documents as new (because it cannot see them as anything else) and thus it replicate them. The default deletion stub purge interval is 90 days and stubs checked every 30. If you analyze the Log.nsf in the admin client you will be able to see the Documents created and by whom…. this will give youthe machine or person that created the documents,

If you dont have local mail files on laptops etc I would say there is an issue with the ACL’s of the archive DB’s or in the cluster. ie one of your servers does not have delete rights to the DB… check these out thourghly before looking else where as this is a very common mistake. Then check you connection documents to make sure that these are correct… ie not pull only and then there is another stating a monthly pull / push.

I hope this helps.

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  • PaulAGarbett
    The old emails are deleted email then below applies. The replication settings - advanced "Deletions" on one of the replica mail files is probably not checked. This has happened numerous times to us. However to get round it you could increase the amount of time deletion stubs are stored which is also in replication settings - under space savers. If you don't replicate that the deleted/archived emails have moved somewhere else, eventually the server copy will remove the deletion stub for them and when it replicates to the local copy it will treat them as new emails.
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