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We have a user in Argentina (Notes 8.0.2) whose calendar time displays wrong. For example, when looking at the calendar day, he clicks on 9am. When the entry opens, it displays 1am. It is always 8 hours off. This ONLY happens with the eclipse version. The classic version looks okay. What has been done: - Time zones checked - Design replaced - Reinstalled client - checked DST patches and the Windows time zone - Did view update Any help is appreciated.

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It’s possible that the calendar is pulling the time from where it’s hosted at. If it is a shared calendar then the creator would be the designated controller for the time zone. That way it will let him sync up for conference meetings on his local time.

That’s how the Groupwise calendar system works anyway… I’m not too versed on the Notes calendar system.

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  • Dvnobles
    It's not a shared calendar. It is the calendar that is integrated into the Notes mail database. The calendar, like Notes, get's it's time from the system time. It is important to note with this issue, that it works fine in the Classic version of Notes, but only displays this behavior in the eclipse Java version. Notes 8 ships with two versions - classic and eclipse.
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  • Stiletto
    A few things I would try: - Check User Preferences for both versions of the client. Particularly under International/Calendar. - In the location doc, you've probably got it set to use the OS timezone. Switch it to No, and manually select the timezone, and save. Then open the location doc again, and switch it back to using the OS timezone and save again. HTH.
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  • Dvnobles
    Thanks...good suggestions. I tried/checked these and unfortunately, it still comes up with the wrong time. I have asked the user to work in the classic version for now and asked the local tech there to install his Notes on another PC, just to see what happens. Since no other user has had this issue and a complete reinstall does not solve, I'm thinking there is a registry conflict or something.
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  • Abushahd
    Did refer this and refer to the user having a problem
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  • Mike Minter
    It sounds like the Notes client may be using incorrect information for the Java timezone tables. You may want to check on articles related to DST support for Argentina. This KB article may also provide some insight.
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  • martinet
    I have the exact same problem with a user in the maritimes his DST keeps on reveting back to DSTLAW=4,1,1,10,-1,1 instead of DSTLAW=3,2,1,11,1,1 - all entries are off by 8 hours but only in the calendar view when you enter the entry the time displays correctly - any idea ??
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