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Hi everyone, I have taken a full backup of my old HD which was 160GB using norton Ghost v12. I have replaced this HD and installed a brand new 1tb hard drive into the system and did a system restore from my old C: which was 160GB. It fully restored all my programs and files, but the 1tb hard drive is reading as 160gb when I go into My computer then right click and view properties. I went to the BIOS and its reading as 1tb. Any ideas as to how I can have the computer read this to be 1tb? I looked for drivers but researched and found that windows should have automatically detected system drives... wierd huh?? Hope someone out there has got an answer cus its bugging me. I surely dont want to start loading all my programs and files separately into this new 1tb HD. Is there anything that I can do now that I have restored my 160GB to my 1tb HD, so that My computer detects a 1tb HD when I go into my computer and properties? I tried many things and spent hours and hours but cant get a solution to this. Many thanks everyone for helping me with a step by step solution. Tyrese

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This Partition Tool From EASE Us should do what you need to do. Install, Change to partition size and you should be good to go. I use this program as well as this disk copy program also from EASE US when I upgrade and backup Hard Drives.

Good Luck

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    See if you have an nvidia chip set, there is a known issue and you need a new driver. I spent five whole days trying to do what you're doing before I finally figured it out. After the restore I wasn't able to extend the partition to the full amount of the drive. I would get an error but in disk manager it appeared that it had extended the partition but looking at the properties of the drive in explorer it was still showing the smaller size. The bios was also showing it as the correct size and the whole experience was one of the most frustrating thing that I've ever figured out. Here were the steps that I took in order to get everything working 1) Backup the old harddrive 2) Install the new drive and then restore all the info from the backup 3) Install the nvida SATA driver (in my case I have the nforce chipset but there is a huge list of chipsets that need to be upgraded). 4) Ran chkdsk /f to correct any issues 5) Removed the factory restore partition that was installed by the mfg. 6) Extended the C drive using diskmanager in Vista (I know, vista sucks but it's what's on the machine). I too read that Windows should already have the drivers but the bug in the nvidia chipset driver doesn't support the big hard drives. Hope that helps.
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