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Could anyone point me in the right direction to create an image of a computer to be deployed to other computers, I would like to use Norton Ghost, I have downloaded Trialware for now but planning to buy the licensing, it is Norton Ghost Solution suite 2. I would like to know where I can find a step by step guide on how I can achieve this? Thanks in advance for all your help. CG._

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the steps will vary depending on how you are doing your imaging. Are you imaging to a ghost server? This would be imaging a machine across a network to an image file that will be stored on a server. This is how we did it when I worked at a large hospital. That was before ghost server was invented though. We would create a boot disk that would load network drivers and login to the network. Then it would map a drive to a server and we could then run Ghost.exe from the boot disk to image the drive to the network share or dump an image to the local drive from the network share.

now they have Ghost Server that will run on the server or pc you want to dump the image to. Here is a link that I have found that you could use:

Ratified Guide to Norton Ghost

hope it helps!


You could also use the remote installation service(RIS) if installing windows based images.
This will allow a single image, for example, to be created for different models of PC / laptop.
Means you only have to include all drivers for the different models, and you can simply use the network boot facility to log on to the RIS server and install the image.


Using the ghostcast server from solution suite is very intuitive. On the remote server, you have creation and restoration options on a very simple gui.

Rather than creating a Ghost boot CD (done from a client with solution suite installed), I creat Bart PE boot CDs custom built for all my servers as well as one for workstations. Bart has built in ghost 32bit client that sppeds up image creation/restoration across the network. It really speeds things up, and also is very simple to use and easy to customize. The reason I need multiple disks for my servers is due to different scsi and network drivers.

Here is a link to bart and some good resources.

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  • CGarcia26C
    Thanks for your input, these links should help some, I will also keep looking for more information. Thanks CG._
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  • Wrobinson
    Configure the OS and applications on the source computer, then perform Sysprep using the deployment tools on the OS CD. Once sysprep is complete, restart the computer and boot to DOS from floppy, CD or USB, etc. Run ghost.exe and copy the entire disk or partition desired to a second disk drive or network share. If using the network share option, you'll need to load network drivers and map a drive to the network share that you will be saving the image to. You can then copy the image using ghost.exe to any target computers by essentially reversing the process.
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