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I have an issue with a user of the above. V4.01. From home his VPN to a remote site in France is OK speed wise, even though his Broad band is only 500K up and 128K down. He can work all day with no speed degradation. From his office, BB is 3mb down and 400K up, he will start the day off OK but gradually by the end of the day his VPN to the remote site in France has dropped so much it sometimes takes a full 1-2 minutes to refresh a screen. He is blaming the network not the VON software client - even though he, prior to the client install, never had any speed issues. He also states that his speed inside the network, with the VPN client running, is OK it's just the VPN that is getting to unnacceptably slow levels. Does anyone know of this issue or has any idea why this could be happening? He uses a Dell laptop, the network is a SBS2003 Domain, the Firewall/router/modem is a Vigor 2600. There are 15 users on the network. Any help appreciated. Cheers S

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There is a 7 hour time difference with France. Several things could be happening. 1) The time could be set improperly on his office network so that authentication is taking longer to accomplish. 2) A backup operation in France could be scheduled for the time when he is experiencing the slowness. If the backup operation includes PCs on his office network, that traffic could be causing the delays.

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  • Bergerandfries
    A good suggestion on the time difference. Also, I offer this up: What else is happening between the PC and other networked applications? Specifically, if you remember how VPN works, EVERYTHING that the PC communicates with will go fromt the PC, to the VPN Gateway, and then outbound from there. So for example, if the user's PC is running processes towards the end of the day locally in the office, the session is going to the VPN gateway (in France?) and then back. Can you say high latency for 2 trips across the ocean? Just my 2 cents...
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  • StevieDSG
    Thanks for your replies. The time difference is not 7 hours becuase the country the network is situated in is the UK which is only one hour behind France. However I take your point about the services being routed via the VPN and this had slipped my mind!! Just shows you! I'll make the point to the guy, though he does say that in his home network he does not get teh speed degredation. Steve
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