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Hello, i am kind of a newbie concening network. I have a question maybe someone is willing to respond (sorry for my english) I have attached an image to illustrate the situation. This setup work but i'm not sure it is good: I have a modem in bridge mode and a wifi-router who handle the pppoe connection with my provider. To have a good wifi coverage the wifirouter is not in the same place as the modem, and the problem is : -i have only one cable between the modem and the router(i cannot add wire because they are on different floor) (to be precise, there is only one cable between the two hubs or switch). -i have a wired computer near the modem. If you look at the picture attached, you can see my current setup. The lan network and the modem to router network is on the same physical wire. It works but I don't know if it is a good solution or if i should absolutely avoid this situation. Could someone give me an advice about that ? (I am not sure if you can understand me because it's a bit confuse) Thanks PS: If its not clear i can explain it again

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If I am you, this is how I will do my setup. I am not sure ur wifi router has ports or not…

modem-wireless router (same place)…If your 4 ports got LAN ports, just expand from there. for the wireless router, if your aerial can be attached / detached, you can get those aerial that can do wider coverage.

not sure if explains what you need

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  • Technochic
    You could put the wireless router where your first switch is and connect 2 pcs to that, then another switch to connect remaining pcs, thereby eliminating one switch. Typically wireless routers have 4 ports, but you did not confirm this, so I am not certain what I suggest will work. Depends on your router.
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  • Chippy088
    I am guessing that you are using a dial-up system at home, as you are using a modem. You say it works, but I can't understand how. Really an answer can only be guessed at, because there is a lot of information used to set up a network, that has not been mentioned. What models of switches and router are you using? How are they subnetted? How have you allocated each device an IP address? (dynamic or static?) Not exactly sure why you want 2 connections from the wifi router to the switch in your diagram? Disconnect the cable between the router and switch you marked as 'connected to the internet port' it should not be used on internal networks. That port on the router does the same thing as your modem is doing. As it does not directly connect to the internet, it should not be used. Only the lan connection is needed. Ideally, the wireless router should be connected directly to your phone line, to be used to route the incoming traffic from the modem, unless you are using managed switches. The router is also capable of acting as your DNS and DHCP server. You are only using it as a wireless access point the way it is connected now. You say it is handling the Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet, but how have you set it up, if it is not directly connected to the internet?
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