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It is more than 10 months any question posted here on Software Quality Assurance. I could interpret few points below: 1. This is not the active forum for QA intensive Professionals. 2. People are not 'quality' consceious. 3. People are quality experts and seek no opinions. 4. Quality is still not the cup of the tea for most. 5. ITKE is not able to draw considerable attention to this area. What could be the reason among mentioned above or any other you can think of?

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Interesting observation.

I did a quick search and found a few QA-related questions in the second half of 2009, some of them unanswered.

I tend to think that ITKE has not been able to draw considerable attention to this area (and some other areas as well).

To overcome this situation, I think the first thing to do would be to ensure that no QA question is left unanswered, and second, maybe starting a SQA blog (I’m assuming such a blog doesn’t exist here, but I don’t really know).


Testers where are you? I think the reason is 1. This forum is not known for testing and test professionls. Lets change that.

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  • ITKE
    We do have a Software Quality blog But i agree that certain areas we do not get a lot of questions for. Looking at our users we do have a very small percentage of QA people here. I would love to see that grow and think a big help would be from our members spreading the word or suggesting any user groups or events we could partner with to get our name out there. Sean
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  • Yade
    It seems no body love that field of networking and for me that field I did nt love SQL at all I manage to pass my Exachange server 2005 for to have my MCSA
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    There are already a couple (or more) blogs in Quality Assurance area. One is my own here on Project Management and Quality Assurance. On the other hand let me check the unanswered ones here and try answering them. Thanks Carlos.
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    Yade we are not talking about SQL (structured query language) here. it is SQA - software quality assurance.
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  • Yvette Francino
    Sean, thanks for the link to the Software Quality Insights blog. I'm the Site Manager for SearchSoftwareQuality and also have noticed the lack of discussion of quality and software testing topics on ITKE. I want to look into having a Topic category added for SQA, which would encourage more discussions and Q&A on topics related to software quality and testing, including the use of methodologies such as Agile and other trends.
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  • Chippy088
    I personally, am not a professional programmer, so the subject of SQA is not of any concern to me. However, the reason behind the question is. If a problem needs solving urgently, the more input you get back, the better chance of resolving it. Some of the questions I've seen here were also posted on other help sites, same wording, so it might be the same person. So, is the first site to answer the one that will be returned to for further problem solving.If the expertise isn't available on help sites, when needed, then maybe the reason is that there isn't any profit in anyone giving those answers away for free. I research many other sites for information, but only answer questions on this site, when I can. If we aren't available to answer questions due to work commitments, that is life. We are, after all said and done, volunteering our knowledge to give fellow professionals some extra direction on solving their problem(s), unless of course we are only on these help sites to blatantly promote ourselves and company and get free leads. Not quite the spirit of the site, or is it?
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  • Ashpdiva
    Hi .. i just bumped into this Q while browsing thru this site.. I had a queation regarding QA upgradation asked 24 hrs ago; that is yet to be answered. Please help me out.. Q:
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  • Shilpa Venkateshwaran
    me tooo want to see this section growing..... I started another thread related to this area. Please do post there.
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