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How many users can be connected to SQL and ORACLE from application end?

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Both support thousands of users at a time.

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  • carlosdl
    This is more likely going to be restricted by the available resources on the server, than by the database platform itself.
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  • Kccrosser
    There are some practical upper limits on concurrent "connections" to the database if you are using persistent connections. Older versions of Oracle (up through 8i) would encounter serious performance problems when more than around 800 "connections" existed. Note that "connections" is a nebulous thing - depending on the application, a single end user may wind up taking multiple connections. Connection pooling and a change of architecture in 9i and later generally allows for several thousand concurrent connections without problems. The databases can also be configured to have a maximum limit, of course. Assuming it isn't a configured limit, the number of concurrent users will be determined by the server resources (CPU performance, main memory, disk performance) and by the type of applications using the database. Simple OLTP with small transactions and a single database - thousands or tens of thousands of concurrent users. Complex OLTP with big transactions may run out of gas with hundreds of users. Simple OLTP with small transactions, but with multiple applications using multiple databases (or different sets of tables in the same database) may have performance issues, as this can degrade the cache hits. Weather modelling, signal processing, finite element analysis, etc. - one user might use all the resources.
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  • 240210
    I have checked application users to connect database through a form limited to 150 users.
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