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Dear Sir or Madam, I have a small LAN. The PDC/GC is win 2003SBS on Dell Precision 220, running SQL 2000 Enterprise. Another DC Compaq WIN 2000 SP4 server, running SQL 2000 enterprise. Four Client PCs with Win 2000 Pro SP4, and a 5th client PC with XP SP1. The clients (win 2000) can see the net, can be seen and accessed by all needing users, due to shares. No restricting policies. NetGear Router DHCP not running. All PCs on fixed 192.168.0.... addresses. The XP client can see everybody and has access everywhere. However, the other PCs (win 2000) cannot access the XP PC. The message I get, on my PC (win 2000pro) is: Logon failure user account restriction. The two servers CAN interogate the XP client without problem. This is after I got the XP to re-join the LAN. Both A.D.s, on the servers, seem OK and both DNS servers seem OK. Should I have only one DNS server, only on Win 2003SBS? I set up Hosts file on every PC. It does not help. What am I doing wrong? Or what have I forgotten to do? Yours faithfully, Oded Szpiro C.Eng., MBCS, SMIEEE

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Look for settings in Local Security at ‘Local Policies->User Assignments->Access this computer from the network’ or ‘Local Policies->User Assignments->Denies access to this computer from the network’

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  • Aljay165
    Most likely the Windows XP Firewall is enabled (default) and it is causing the access errors. Disable it through Control Panel>Windows Firewall (set control Panel to Classic View) to see if your network issue clear up. If they do, then you need to consider your local security requirements and implement a solution. Windows Firewall can be manually configured if you are not implementing a third party solution, but it usually is the more expensive solution once you consider the increased time needed to desgin and troubleshoot. If you disable Windows Firewall and your network issues persist refer to Microsoft Support Article 304040 - "How to configure file sharing in Windows XP";en-us;304040
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  • Odedszpiro
    Thanks for the replies. Local policies has been amended. Personal Firewall not started. ICS not started. Each computer on the LAN has one NIC. All into Netgear hub then uplink to Netgear router. The XP can get into any PC, servers and clients. Other clients which are win2000pro and win NT4 can get into any machine apart from the XP. Trying to access the XP gives: SAB not accessible user account restriction. Due to historical reasons, users login into their own machine, not the domain. Rather odd, but there it is. If I login as a domain user name then there is no problem. Regards, oded
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  • Plewisssww
    You may have answered your own question here. You stated "users login into their own machine, not the domain.". That means there is no authentication taking place anywhere but locally. Unless every user has an account on the XP box, with the password set exactly as it is on the remote machine they are trying to access XP resources from, the OS cannot determine if it should allow access. My advice would be to use domain logons so that security administration remains centralized, otherwise you could make a career out of the single XP box keeping local accounts synched up.
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