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I have two questions here if someone can help. I will appreciate anything you can give. First, I am trying to configure a network printer on the AS400. I did wrkcfgsts, work with description, and copied the printer devices description and modified the printer device with the new info. All I changed was the IP address, the name, and the user-defined object parameters. When I clicked enter, it could not find the user-defined object. However, it still created the device. I varied the device on, and then tried to start the writer, however, the printer keeps going to a status of end. Any suggestions on how I can get this printer device started and printing. Second question, I have a user that is unable to update the backup schedule. They run Go Backup, enter option 10-Set up a backup, and then enter option 20-Change backup schedule, however, the are unable to update the backup schedule. Any help that any of you can supply will be greatly appreciated.

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For the first question, I hate printers. So on the second question, take a look at the special authorities in the operators user profile, I believe you need to have *service and/or *savsys.

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  • JAS400
    Hi there, welcome to the wonderful world of AS/400 System Administration! I don't use the backup menu, so I can't help you there.. but can you let me now what model/make the printer is, and whether it's network/twinax, and if it's IPDS or not? Also, just out of curiosity your OS level would be appreciated ie. V5R3. Thanks, Jason
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  • Michont
    On the first, try changing the user-defined object to *none since you couldn't find one. Make sure the printer's IP is pingable from the AS/400 also. If so, try restarting the writer and varying the device back on. On two, though I don't use the backup option, I'm guessing the person trying to change does not have the proper authority to do so.
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  • JPLamontre
    Is it EXACTLY the same printer that the one you have duplicated ? Have you try the new printer in place of the old printer and check that it runs ? if no, the new printer is not of the same type (or model or ...) In this case, phone to your vendor : he has sold the printer for an as400 attachment , he knows how to do. let him work for you. If no vendor, look at IBM for information on your printer. for exemple : search in IBM Knowledge data base AS400 if epson printers epl5800 et epl5900 are compatibles goto a then cliquer support ( then cliquer problem solving ( then cliquer search technical data base ( then key in search field EPSON then click .. documents found in Software Knowledge Base that permits you to read Support for ASCII Printers from Epson (,epson) as400
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  • Bkr0963c
    Thanks to all of you for your help on the printer situation. I went a different route, or at least I think I did. I deleted out the device description, then I set up the printer's ip address under the tcp/ip host table using the cfgtcp command and selecting work with tcp/ip host tables. At that point I created an outq that utilized the host information I put in. This allows me to print, but I am not happy with this set up. Mainly because I cannot put the printer device in my user profile to have things print directly to that printer. Instead, when I print something, I have to wrksplf and change the files to the outq that I created. Again, a work around, but it will work for the time being. I will try to see if I can get the crtdevprt command and actually create a printer device on the system later. Enough of boring you guys. Again, thanks for the help on the printing issue.
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  • Nmckinney
    use WRKOBJ to locate the *OUTQ object to copy from and copy it to the new name. Use WRKOUTQ and option 2 to change the IP address. Once you change the IP and hit enter the writer with the OUTQ name will automatically start. Easiest way for me anyway.
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  • TheQuigs
    On the printer problem, it all ties to not finding the user-defined object. If you search out the job logs from the print writer job, you'll find they are ending because they can't find the user-defined object. Either remove the user-defined object or create one or even change it back to the same user-defined object on the original device description. If it's a *PSFCFG object, a single PSF Configuration object can be used by multiple printer device descriptions.
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  • Riccardo
    In order to address a printer created as an OUTQ, you can set up a dummy device description, i.e. CRTDEVPRT DEVD(the outq) DEVCLS(*VRT) TYPE(3812) MODEL(1) ONLINE(*NO) FONT(011 *NONE) FORMFEED(*AUTOCUT) SEPDRAWER(*FILE) PRTERRMSG(*INQ) MSGQ(*CTLD) TRANSFORM(*NO) PPRSRC1(*MFRTYPMDL) PPRSRC2(*MFRTYPMDL) ENVELOPE(*MFRTYPMDL) ASCII899(*NO) IMGCFG(*NONE) TEXT('Dummy Printer Device') DEPLOCNAME(*NONE) PUBLISHINF(*UNKNOWN *UNKNOWN *UNKNOWN *UNKNOWN *BLANK (*UNKNOWN)). We have outqs created for our printers and address them also by this method and it work without any issues. You might also want to try IBM's knowlegde base for printer as it is a very good source of information and can be found at: I hope you don't mind me poking my nose in! Cheers, Richard Mansell.
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  • Bkr0963c
    For those of you who helped me I want to say thank you again. To let those of you know who are interested in the backup schedule authority issue that I was having, here is the fix we found. The user did not have *USE authority to QSYSOPR user profile. We had to go and change authority on this object and and the user profile giving him *USE authority so that he could edit the backup schedule. Again, thanks to all of you for the help on both the printer and authority problem.
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