New ‘CLEAN’ Calendar.pst in Outlook 2003

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Microsoft Outlook 2003
How to create a new CLEAN Calendar.pst?

Software/Hardware used:
W10, HP TouchSmart desktop PC

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Assuming here create means copy current folder structure to a new pst file. While it is not a direct feature of OL, you can use archive feature to achieve it first (hope you know the procedure). When it is done, only empty folders should be created in the new pst file.To set it as a new delivery location: Click File > data file management.
    Before doing this all, take necessary backups for data safety.
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  • Dave929

    Thanks for your advice, but my, and hundreds of others (judging by the relevant Internet queries...) have the same problem, and no useful detailed instructions to follow.

    Why, one first place, an Outlook PST file that is used only for the Calendar gets bigger and bigger that is in no relation with the amount of data put into? How can an originally less than 1 MB file that grown to 2 MB in a matter of 2-3 years suddenly grown to 10, then 60, and now to 90MB? And every time that the inbuilt Scan and/or repair tools are used the file gets even bigger....

    The central problem with the avswers present on the Internet links is that 'you should do this and that, etc...' but what are the actual step-by-step actions are never given. Owing to the complex nature of Outlook, one must have all the necessary steps detailed and all relevant issues addressed as well. Otherwise the user from one mess will get into another...

    The problem is a simple one, as yet the solutions seem to be far more complex than even a knowledgeable user can follow up. I may also pose the question; why isn't there just a simple and stand alone calendar application that would be compatible with existing systems? There were very good application in the past, such as Lotus Organiser, or even the Palm Desktop, both of which were simple, as yet superior in their form and effectiveness to present days' alternati9ves that would like to do too much and only achieve chaos... So, if I would like to start a clean outlook calendar, the following questions should be addressed:

    - Is it possible only by uninstalling not only Outlook, but Office as well, then re-installing both, etc...

    - Then, if I would like to get back the old entries into the new clean calendar, what is the procedure so that errors won't be imported back?

    - How in all these actions the need of cleaning out of bad Outlook registry entries would take part?

    - etc.. etc...

    It seems to me after months and months of experimenting and following 'bad advice' on various Internet links, that solving this problem deserves a better approach. Unfortunately MS has abandoned their own product support for the millions of Outlook 2003 users, but even before they never addressed this problem. Hence my hopes are not too high getting a remedy...

    And finally; one may ask why I am making such a big deal out of this issue? I do, because all my devices have my calendar entries synched with Outlook Calendar (and by the way, they all OK, only the PC version is f...ed up...). I am not ready to fork out $$$'s to purchase the new Outlook package, as it is even more complicated and equally loaded with problem as the old one.

    Thanks for reading through, and I truly hope that there is an intelligent and useful solution is there somewhere...

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