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After a long career in transpotaion I want to go in to networking I looked at schools in metro atlanta Devry University, Westwood College, and Herzing College I would like some help picking the right school base on who provides the education for a job in networking from the people doing the day to day jobs. I think after graduation I should have the skills to design, install, configure and maintain enterprise-wide networks. I think Linux/Unix administration and Cisco are must for me to learn so with than in mind Westwood has the best curriculum, Herzing would be second then Devry. I have found negative press on the internet about westwood's cost vs benfit and bad loans that they push on their student's into my degree would about 75,000. I found out that Devry had a class action suit stating it's student's were not perpare to go out and do the job after graduation and Devry is about 60,000. I would like some recommendation regarding this decision. thank you Anthony ps any additional information would be helpful

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Are there any local universities in the area?

Because a lot of the larger universities will have a working professional program and often times they will even work with your current employer to help pay for it. Just a thought.

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I worked as an Admissions Representative for DeVry and Westwood College. Based on my personal experience, I found that The Director (that I worked for) from Westwood College had A LOT of integritiy when it came down to recruiting students. The Dean from DeVry University and the Asst. Dir. from DeVry did not have integrity. Also, it seems to me that DeVry has a much higher turn-over with students and employees.

On the other hand, both Colleges have to be regulated in one way or the other by the Federal Government. Also, their teachers have to have their appropriate credentials. Bottom line, the quality of your education will also depend in part on that specific teacher and/or your efforts.

The best thing for you to do is to apply in 2-3 Universities at once; this process will help you find the right college. For example, different people have different priorites; for some, it’s finances, schedules (that don’t interfere with your work schedule), distance, time-frame. You need to findout what is more important for you based on your personal circumstances.

Be very careful when you go to DeVry because at DeVry they train their Representatives to give the students what DeVry has instead of what the student wants. For example, if you call DeVry asking for the nursing program (AND THEY DON’T HAVE IT AT THAT LOCATION BUT THEY ONLY HAVE HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT) They will schedule an appointment for you to go see the representative (even if you told them up-front what you want and they know they don’t have that program). The representative will try to put you in their Healthcare Management Program. Being a Nurse and being an Office Manager are two totally different things but that’s how DeVry operates.

I hope this helps good luck on your search.

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  • Colin Smith
    I have not heard about the class action suite against DeVry but I graduated from DeVry and I feel that I was prepared to do the job after I was done. DeVry gave me the skillset that I needed to go out into the real world and get a job. After Graduating I found a job at the bottom of an IT Department at the help desk but I quckly worked my way up. After less then two years I was a Windows System Administrator and now I am a DBA. I am not so sure that it is the school that makes it for you though. I really think it is what you are willing to put into it. That being said I would find a school that has a accredited program and just go out and give it everything you havae got. Good Luck
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  • Robert Stewart
    Try your local Community College, most have an AS degree in IT. Spend your first two years there, most will offer Cisco, some Linux,/Unix, along with other IT classes and at a fraction of the cost mentioned above. Then if you want you can turn the AS degree into a BS degree at a larger university later. I actually got a job like Smithc at the bottom of the IT food chain once I got my AS degree, the company I went to work for now pays all my cousre fees that are unique to my career. Of course I have to pass. Anyway good luck and I hope this pointed other avenues out there for you.
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