Networking two Win XP computers over internet

I'm trying to network and share drives of two computers over the internet. Both are connected via DSL. I'm having troubles with the Win XP interface. Can I get a walkthrough or a link to a walkthough as I have been unable to find any decent information on the internet. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance.

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if u have two network interface in 1st xp machine then u can simply share ur dsl internet connection. Another thing if u wanna share files and drive then u can first check ur workgroup and u can do drive maping also . before doing anything first you decide what u wanna u wanna server based or simply peer to peer. u can do NAT in server for internet sharing .


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  • Stevesz
    The way I understand your question is that you have two computers, one at Location A, and the other at Location B, some distance apart. Each has its own DSL connection. You want to be able to share each computer for teh person(s) at each location. As I see it, you have several problems to overcome. Unless you are using a business class DSL connection at each location, you can not be assured of the IP address at each location because the provider is using DHCP to provide you with a DSL address. This means that the IP address at each locatin can change without warning. You may be able to resolve this by using one of those DNS tracking services taht are available. Another problem is that there is not a server at either location, which can be a problem. This may be overcome if you have a router/firewall that can provide authentication services and allow more than one VPN tunnel at a time. The setup would be to use VPN at each location, with authentication at the router/firewall, and the tunnel directed to the machine at that end. I've not done this in a workstation to workstation scenario, but it may work. Another solution, and one that may be better would be to use one of those companies that provide collaboration service over the web. You will ahve a workspace where files can be stored to be used by those who have access to the space.
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  • Mraslan
    Hi Your question is a hard one for security matters, however you can do the following. Enable Remote Desktop Connection on both machines, then goto or, register for your machines 2 names for example and, and then you should download a dynamic dns update client, or you might find that your DSL modem / router support it, so whenever a computer you have connects to the internet, it registers its IP with the name you choose for it. Then you can use remote desktop connection to access any machine from the other by that name, but note that to be able to access files, you must check the connect local drives option in the local resources. Its extremly important that you uncheck the "Cleint for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Print Shating for Microsoft Networks" checkboxes in the DSL connection or interface you have in both computers, this is just for security.
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