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Hi IT Knowledge . I am doing a networking course ( I am a CNC Engineer by trade ) .Here is my Question . I have 4 win 98 pcs . I have connected 2 to the internet ( via the cable modem & ethernet cabling ) .I have put the other 2 in a small network ( via a hub from work - also ethernet , but different make ) . I have put a second NIC in one of the internet connected pc's , and tried to connect this to the second pair of pc's ( the ones with the hub ).I can see the internet workgroup ( on the pc with the 2 nics ), but I cant see the ( hub ) workgroup . So , can a pc be run with 2 NIC's ( all running TCP/IP ) ? Am I trying to do something wrong ? Will it work if I change the Protocol - on the Hub workgroup ? Is it because I have both workgroups called = workgroup ? My college says that I cant run a pc with 2 nics , but I read where this is possible . Who is right , and how do I do it ? Thanks for any help & bye from Rob in Stoke

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Apparently, Internet Connection Sharing began with Windows 98 so it should handle dual NICs.

What you will need is to configure the two NICs separately, which is not always easy. Study up on the IPCONFIG command.

To see the status of all network interfaces, enter on the command line:

ipconfig /all

The NIC connected to your cable modem will have had its IP address assigned by DHCP from the cable modem (or local switch/router connected to the modem). It will probably have a private IP address (non-routable) like 192.168.1-254.2-254 or

If the other has not been assigned an IP address manually, it should have a default (disconnected) IP address like 165.254.x.x. If that is the case, it will not pass packet traffic and must be manually assigned an IP address.

Use an IP address of the same subnet as your other two and the identical subnet mask. should do the trick.

Default gateway is a problem because your PC will not know where to send packets – through the Internet card or through the LAN NIC. But that is okay, because the default gateway should not be required when you apply a route manually.

You will have to enter the default route for your LAN subnet using the Route command. I’m using a German version of Windows so I can’t copy and paste the help screen. Type the following at the command prompt:

route /?

You should be able to get there with the information provided.

Good luck!

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  • BrentSheets
    I don't know the answer to your dilemma but I also think it is possible to run two NICs on one PC -- as long as they have separate IP addresses.
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  • Thephoton
    Are all the pcs on the same subnet?
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  • I Think Its LIVE
    Hi Thephoton . The pc's are in my bedroom , just coming in from a cable Internet modem .
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  • I Think Its LIVE
    Hi BrentSheets . Thanks for the quick reply . How do I give the newest Nic a different IP address ? I just wanted to see if I could join 2 networks using 2 nics on 1 pc , so that I could send stuff from one network to the next . Thanks again .Bye from Rob in Stoke
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  • Snapper70
    The central PC with 2 NIC's should be able to see both sides; although Windows may have problems advertising membership with multiple NIC's installed - it will typically "BIND" to one or the other; and that's the interface that will attempt to run security and advertise through. If you're trying to get the PC's on the separate LAN to connect, it's possible to use the dual-NIC PC to route between their network and the Internet side; although I'm not sure about Win/98's capabilities. Essentially that's what Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) does.
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  • TomLiotta
    Old question. Please close. Questions are not deleted because they are "old". Ideally, questions are never deleted, whether they're answered or not. This isn't a "Daily Q&A" board. It's an AnswerWiki. Any new info or correction may be added at any time to any question/answer thread. Tom
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