WiFi signal constantly drops off / users get kicked off

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LAN connectivity
Please help! I recently started working for a company where currently their network structure is this- Dedicated Server, Windows Server 2008. They have a modem connected to a WiFi router, therefore it's a LAN to WAN structure. A couple of the computers are connected via their LAN cables and a few connect through WIFI. This is how they are supplied with internet. Everyone to my knowledge are under the same Workgroup. We're running Windows XP Pro.The problem we're having is that the WIFI signal constantly drops and users get kicked off. Also the password works a few times while the other time we get an error stating "Unable To Connect" and we have to keep retrying over and over again until it establishes a connection. Can someone please provide some help. I'll be really thankful.

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Windows Server, Window XP Pro

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The usual reason for the Wi-Fi dropping is that it is set to automatically find a free channel. When it ‘sees’ another Wi-Fi router on the same channel, it will change, and drop all the existing connections. Configure the wireless access point with a fixed channel. Only choose channels 1,6 or 11, but also confirm that these channels are legally available in your location. This will likely solve most of the issues with Wi-Fi but also check for possible sources of interference, such as a microwave oven, or other wireless devices that should not be there.

Best solution is to connect all the devices using wired connections. Wi-Fi is a convenience, not a robust networking technology. Find a way to provide wired connection for all of the users if at all possible and your problems will disappear.

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  • jailall101
    Did you check the signal that the computers are getting from the wireless router? Remember as the computers get further away from the wifi range the signal will drop. So some will connect easily while others might not. If that is the case then a wifi repeater can be used to extend the signal.
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  • Gabe9527
    HiUse a WIFI analyzer and see if the signal goes up and down.... this is liely a possible signal issue but it could be to strong and causing bouce (needs shielding) or to weak. Plus channel issues with an office nearby or something... there is allot of possible issues.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    Perhaps someone nearby is messing with your wireless network. There are lots of security and network tools that can create this type of behavior. Are there any adjacent buildings?
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