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what is the best network speed for a small company internal and external

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100 mbit internally is what is going to be predominant in probably 90% of small business uses.

Whatever externally you choose depends upon A.) Cost and B) need

If your company only uses the internet for basic needs, then I imagine the local cable / DSL loop could suffice depending upon size and traffic expectations just fine.

Anything beyond that will require more than just a guesstimate, it’ll require at least a good understanding of whats available in your area.

MPLS, Ethernet over Power Lines, etc etc etc. There’s many choices, but unknown whats available where you live.

Cogent can provide a hefty drop at a decent price up to 100mbit into your network


I agree with above that obtain at least a 100 MB switch or the option to go with a gigabit switch but not really needed in your environment. As per external “ISP” connectivity, I’ve seen small companies get “bundle” deals with their phone provider let’s say “Verizon” in which they would provide a business DSL package at a reduced price. That’s an avenue you may want to review at either looking at your phone provider or cable provider (TV within the office) to bundle their cable internet as well.

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  • BlankReg
    If you can stretch the budget to a switch with at least two gigabit ports as well as the 10/100Mbps ones for the users, then you can attach the main servers at 1000Mbps, which will give some benefits. In the future, when you expand the network (or now if it is big enough) you can use these to join switches together, and get a dedicated gigabit switch to aggregate them and add the servers to this. Other than that, Aguacer0 covered all of the other major considerations.
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  • Labnuke99
    There are some considerations to think about when choosing "public" or internet connectivity. Technologies like ADSL may or may not provide a guaranteed bandwidth. Connections like a T1 or SDSL are more likely to provide the bandwidth guarantee. Each option should be considered for the reliability, performance and costs. Don't just choose a technology because it is cheap or what you may understand. Get a good partner who has seen the solutions in place across multiple organizations and choose the one best for your current and near future needs.
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