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I have several XP boxes sitting on an internal network behind a router. We use a Point-2-Point conection to get our office to our co-lo space where our server is located. This P2P is a T1. Our windows 2003 server is used as a document storage system that our xp boxes need access to continually. It seems that our server "loses connectivity" on a regular basis and when accessing the file system it slows down quite a bit. At times, it even times out. I am wondering if there isn't a setting/config that I have screwed up or forgot to take care of. We have been suffering with this problem since day 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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More questions than answers –
A) Domain or workgroup?
B) If domain, local or romaing profiles?
C) DNS (active directory or not)?
D) What else shares the T1 to the colocation?
E) What type documents? Plaintext or XML? PDFs or MS Office? IF office haveyou reviewed the kb article on Word and Excel problems on slow links?
Do you have a baseline profile of the connection?
As you can see the more info we have the better our answers can be.

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  • Astronomer
    How are you connecting to the T1? We had reliability problems with our T1s and I discovered neither end was supplying the clock. Notice the clock source command below. Router A. interface Serial0/0 description t1 to south campus ip address no ip redirects no ip proxy-arp service-module t1 clock source internal service-module t1 timeslots 1-24 ! Router B. ! interface Serial0/0 description t1 to downtown ip address xxx.yyy.zzz.aab no ip redirects no ip proxy-arp service-module t1 timeslots 1-24 There are also ways to debug the T1 and the interfaces. In any event, you need to discover where the "lost connectivity" is happening. Have you tried trace route or pinging various points along the connection while the problem is happening? rt
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  • ComputerSolutions77
    Put the server in your office and backup the data to the off site colo box or other off site backups (probably cheaper). 100 mbps (std ethernet) is much faster - remember a T1 is just 1.5 mbps.
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  • Tbitner
    If it's a cisco router, you can turn on NetFlow and collect statistics of the data traversing the P2P connection.
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