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Is there a simple, inexpensive way to monitor traffic on the network? I have a small school system with around 200 PCs connected. I want to monitor the network traffic and see which IP address is spamming the network with traffic. It's a rural school without a lot of finances to spend so I was looking for a freeware/shareware solution. All I need to know is which IP addy's are putting out all the traffic, then I can find those PC's and wipe/reload (I'm sure it's spyware related). They do not have any smart switches or routers capable of supplying the info.

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You could use a great tool called Wireshark, it used to be called ethereal, to do this task.

Wireshark is free! (You pay for support) and will tell you much of the information you are looking for. Do keep in mind though that you’ll need to either configure a shiffer port on your core switch (or switches) if you have switches, since the traffic isn’t sent to all ports on a switch by default. If you only have hubs this isn’t a concern.

Also, if you have switches (and you’re wanting trending– not analysis) you could use another FREE piece of software called MRTG to show you traffic patterns on your switches down to the port level and/or another piece of software called PRTG to show you the traffic trends on your servers.

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  • Labnuke99
    ntop is an excellent monitoring tool for situations like this. It runs in linux so not sure if that's what you want to run. You can often find a bootable CD with it already able to run. Or, you can also easily install or run it yourself. A decent how-to can be found at: Good luck.
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  • Jirvine
    Perfect, Thanks guys. The Wireshark solution is awesome as there is a Portable Apps version, I can toss that on my Portable Apps USB drive and I don't have to install anything, just plug it in and do some testing. Thanks again for the responses.
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