Added computers not recognizing Linksys router, network down

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i need to reset my network but none of my added computers are recognizing the router wrt54g do i need to change the name of my network. the network went down while i was awy for a couple of days and never has come back up.

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vista home

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I am not sure what you mean by reset your network or recognizing your router. Equally I do not know if you are wired or wireless or how they connect. I will assume it might be a mixture of both and your DHCP server is the router.

Given that, can you try a couple of things………

Start with 1 PC, open a command prompt and type “ipconfig”. Do you get an IP address? If not then that’s likely to be part of your issue. If you do then check the default gateway address, it should be the address of your router. Can you ping it? If you can move on and repeat this for all the PCs on your network. This ensures that you have connectivity between every PC and the router.

Next can you ping each other? By this I mean PC 1 can ping PC 2 etc….Be careful of firewalls on each PC, ping might be blocked and as such give you spurious results!! Assuming all that works…..

Then, can you all access the internet? If so then you network is fine and its likely to be file sharing configuration in Vista thats causing you grief.

I am being a little vague in this answer I know but all I think I can do is point you in the right direction,

If you need anymore help then either repost or add to this question.

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  • Chippy088
    This is the routine I'd use to check the router is working. I always work under the assumption someone tried to get it working again, and changed something crucial, so this is very basic trouble shooting. Powered down the router. Remove all ethernet cables from the back of the router. Power up the router again. Power down a pc, and directly connect into the router with an ethernet cable. Power up the pc again. Does the port light on the router come on when you re-connect an ethernet cable? if no - change cable and try again. If that doesn't work change router and try again if yes - do the ipconfig checks Mattmather recommended on the pc you just connected. Having the port light coming on when you connect does not guarantee the pc will connect properly, it just means that router recognised something is connected into the port. The cable could be at fault. (Who said it would only be 1 fault you find, I always assume it could be more than 1. That is why I go back to basics, and always get 1 device working properly before moving on.) If pc has a valid ip, start your web browser. Does it connect to the internet, i.e. does your search engine home page come up? If no - check the browser preference settings and do not use a proxy. Close browser and then start it again. Once it connects and you can browse the internet, then power down all the other network devices, and and reconnect 1 at a time. Start with the computers, then when they have all connected and are connecting to the internet, add printers and any other devices that connect directly into the router. Do it 1 at a time, and when the network stops working properly, you have probably found the bad device that was keeping the network down. If you are using wireless devices do not allow them to connect until all the directly connected devices are working properly. Then trouble shoot the wireless side of the lan. (maybe the wireless side of the router is malfunctioning and interfering with the normal router function.) As we do not know much about what devices you are using, this might not help much. If you need more assistance, add the information about the devices you are using and how you are connecting them.
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  • Stevesz
    My process is a bit different for troubleshooting this kind of problem. Since the whole network is down, first check the router itself. Is the power light on? is there a connection to the Internet indicated? Are any of the port lights lit, indication one or more computers may have a connection? This gives me a baseline of the condition the router state may be. Then I simply restart the router--since you indicate a Linksys router with no off/on switch, just pull the plug for about 10-15 seconds, then plug it back in. Next, go to your PC. If it is up and running, restart it. Open a command prompt. issue an "ipconfig /all" command and inspect the return. Do you have an IP address for the machine? It should be in the 192.168.1.x range, unless you had changed this in the router. If not, is a DHCP server listed? If so, same question. Is it the router's address, which should be Are DNS addresses listed? Next, make note of your machines IP address, and ping it. If OK, ping the gateway address (router's address). If OK, ping an outside IP address. If you do not know and outsied IP address to ping, skip this step and go to pinging an outside website by name, i.e. It should return an IP address for the site, then give the ping results. You may wish to note the IP address here for future use. If you cannot get an answer, either because there is not IP address found, or, if found, it just does not return anything but timeouts, it is time to go to the web interface of the router and check your settings. The easiest way is to just import your file of the latest working setting from the backup file you made--you do have a backup file of the settings, don't you? If not reset to the defaults and redo the settings one by one. All of this takes less time to do than to write it up. If you get to the settings and still are having issues, you may just want to visit your local computer store and grab a new router.
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  • Sixball
    Simplicity is best: If you "need" to "reset your network", just hold in the RESET button on the router for about a minute, release. Wire a PC in, (make sure its set for DHCP) and reconnect to the router on the default IP - if you can access it, great - reconfigure away. If not, call Cisco support for TS the router / Warranty check...
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